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Valentine's Movies for iPod touch :

Valentine's Movies for iPod touch Valentine's Day is coming soon, what's your plan for this romantic day? For many lovers, watching the latest movies in the cinema maybe is one of the common ways for celebrating Valentine's Day, right? However, sometimes when you go to the cinema, you'll find the latest launched movies can't catch your eyes, so why don't you watch some classic romantic movies on the iPod touch for this romantic day? Not a bad idea, right? If you search "best Valentine's movies" in the Google or other searching engine, you can see there are lots of related results will be listed for your choice. Confused, right? So today we write this article to show you the best Valentine's movies for iPod touch , you can pick some of them to watch it with your girl or boy friend on the iPod touch at home freely.

List of the Best Valentine's Movies for iPod touch :

List of the Best Valentine's Movies for iPod touch The Philadelphia Story Released Time: December 1st, 1940 Director: George Cukor Actors: Katharine Hepburn, James Stewart, Cary Grant We can say that "Cary Grant is the winner keeper of romantic comedy movies. " Almost all of his romantic comedy movies are welcomed by people completely, especially the Philadelphia Story. This film is a successful Hollywood movie, which tells the love story among three different persons. We don't know what is Tracy's chooses finally, but we know that what is the real love - During the love journey, the destination is also the starting point.

Ghost :

Ghost Ghost Released Time: July 13th, 1990 Director: Jerry Zucker Actors: Patrick Swayze, Demi Moore, Tony Goldwyn, Whoopi Goldberg Maybe you have seen this movie before, but why don't you review it with your lover in the Valentine's Day? It is no doubt that the Ghost is a prominent film among lots of romantic movies on the market. This movie is the combination of romantic love and adventure conflict, in a life and death love stories explore between the mysterious world in a life and death love stories, and it reproduced the abiding truth state.

Titanic :

Titanic Titanic Released Time : December 19th, 1997 Director : James Cameron Actors : Leonardo DiCaprio, Kate Winslet Today, we still heard the song My Heart Will Go On while we are going shopping. Are you impressing by the love between Jack and Rose? Obviously, their love is moving and now this film is also directed by the original people again and they would like to release the 3D version of the Titanic. Even though this 3D movie will be launched in April and you can't watch it on iPod touch in the Valentine's Day, but you can review the classic version as well as before, right? That's it! There are three classic Valentine's movies for iPod touch, which one does you like best? Just download some of the iPod Valentine's movies and watch it on your iPod touch as you like. But here please be attention that there are many video formats on the Internet, you should download the iPod touch compatible movie format, otherwise, you need convert movie to iPod touch supported video format before you watch Valentine's movies on iPod touch. To convert videos for playback on the iPod touch, you can free download the best iPod Video Converter software for both Windows and Mac users.

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