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Two-syllable adjectives. With most two-syllable adjectives, you form the comparative with more. Two-Syllable Adjective Comparative Form peaceful more peaceful pleasant more pleasant careful more careful thoughtful more thoughtful Ex.This morning is more peaceful than yesterday morning. Max is more careful than Mike.

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Adjectives with three or more syllables. For adjectives with three syllables or more, you form the comparative with more. Adjective with Three or More Syllables Comparative Form generous more generous important more important intelligent more intelligent Ex. John is more generous than Jack. Health is more important than money. Women are more intelligent than men.

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If the two-syllable adjectives ends with –y, change the y to i and add –er for the comparative form. Two-Syllable Adjective Ending with -y Comparative Form happy happier angry angrier busy busier Ex. John is happier today than he was yesterday. Max is angrier than Mary. Mary is busier than Max.