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What are your short-term and long-term goals? “My short term goals are to break into fields like ….. As a college graduate, I need to start building a strong presence in the industry, working for a company I respect and doing a job that I enjoy. My long term goals are to earn new responsibilities within the company, ultimately reaching higher positions as they open and helping the company succeed in the long term.”

Goal Setting Interview Questions:

Goal Setting Interview Questions Give me an example of an important goal which you had set in the past and tell me about your success in reaching it. Tell me what you do in order to ensure that you have enough time set aside for goal setting-then review for me the specific times in which you have initiated your own goal setting over the last few years. What happened?

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In an aggressive working environment, it is often necessary to prioritize goals to be sure that effort is allocated appropriately. Tell me about the most important time in your academic/working history when you prioritized your goals successfully. Tell me about the system that you use for goal setting. To what extent does it involve using written objectives, paper work or forms? Describe a specific instance in which you defined your goals and objectives in writing.

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What important target dates did you set to reach objectives of any project work that you have done? How did you set the dates? Goal statements are often made to meet the expectations of others. Tell me about a time when you took the initiative to set goals and objectives, even though you were not prompted or directed by others to do so.

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What have been your experiences in defining long range goals? Tell me what specific goal was set, how it was set, and how successful you were in its achievement. Goal statements can be used to manage your own work activities since they enable you to guide day-to-day actions successfully. Describe an especially favorable experience you've had in using goals to guide your own actions.

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Give me an example of a time when you used a systematic process to define your objectives. What type of system did you use? What payoff did you get from using the process? “ I have a job.” “I have a career.” “I’m on a mission.” What’s the difference between those three statements, and which one applies to you?