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The Principles of Design : 

The Principles of Design Rhythm

Rhythm- Repetition : 

Rhythm- Repetition When a design element is repeated

Rhythm- Opposition : 

Rhythm- Opposition When lines meet to form a right angle Checks and plaids Square necklines Square pockets

Rhythm-Gradation : 


Rhythm- Radiation : 

Rhythm- Radiation Lines flow out from a single point.

Rhythm- Transition : 

Rhythm- Transition Curved lines carry the eye.

Harmony : 

Harmony Harmony is achieved when Unity and Variety are effectively combined.

Harmony- Unity : 

Harmony- Unity The design is seen as “whole”. Unity can be achieved through matching and coordinating

Harmony- Variety : 

Harmony- Variety Variety can relieve monotony by giving the eye a number of different details to look at.

Harmony : 

Harmony Is it harmony? What do you think?

Conclusion : 

Conclusion As you can see the Principles of Design overlap some but through practice and exposure you will see these principles come to life all around you.