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This is my goddess project.


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Selene This is my goddess project. Her other roman name is Luna. Her name means brightness.

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Every night S elene is the one that goes across the sky at night watching the world sleep.

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She drives the moon across the sky all over the world every night.

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She fell in love with a shepherd named Endymion who she had seen one of the nights that she was moving the moon across the sky.


Animoto This animoto will tell you more about Selene.

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In Selene’s magic light, the river gods had came out to inspect their river beds, And hills were covered under the hoofs of the wild centaurs.

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She was the daughter of the titans, Hyperion and Theia. (And yes, this is not supposed to be A thena!) Hyperion was the god of light. And Theia was as well goddess of light.

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