Heart Failure –Heart Transplant

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Heart Failure- Heart Transplant :

Heart Failure- Heart Transplant Karen Barclay national college med262

Heart failure:

Heart failure Heart failure – Is a condition in which the heart can not pump enough blood to meet the body’s needs. Your body depends in the heart’s pumping action to deliver oxygen and nutrients rich blood to the body’s cells.

Heart failure :

Heart failure The weakened heart can not supply the cells enough blood, this results in fatigue and shortness of breath. Heart failure is a serious condition, and there’s no cure. Can be managed with medication and healthy life style changes.

Cause of heart failure :

Cause of heart failure High blood pressure Disease of the heart valves Cardiomyopathy (chronic heart muscle disease) Congenital heart disease Diabetes Endocrine disorders Coronary artery disease Infections (such as viruses)

Symptoms :

Symptoms Shortness of breath Fatigue and weakness Lack of appetite and nausea Swelling in legs, ankles, and feet Sudden weight gain from fluid retention Reduced ability to exercise Swelling of the abdomen

Diagnostic testing :

Diagnostic testing Chest x-ray-ECG echocardiogram Cardiac stress test Heart CT scan Heart catheterization MRI of the heart

Treatment :

Treatment Life long treatment Medications Pace maker In some cases heart transplant

Heart Transplant :

The first heart transplant was in 1968. The Cleveland clinic’s cardiac transplant program began in 1984. My sister Diane was # 1281 and # 10 on March 5th 2007. The clinic performed 60 heart transplants that year. Heart Transplant

Heart transplant :

Heart transplant

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