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Sketching a Crime Scene:

Sketching a Crime Scene

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The crime scene sketch is the simplest and most effective method of recording the positions of physical evidence, the placement of objects within an area, the physical dimensions of that area. Crime scene sketches are divided into two areas: the rough sketch of field drawing and the finished product.

Rough Sketch:

Rough Sketch Once the crime scene has been photographed and before the evidence is disturbed, the investigator prepares the rough sketch. The rough sketch: Must provide all the details necessary to complete a finished drawing Must identify every object in the room Need not be to scale, but not drawn out of proportion that it will not confuse the investigator after leaving the area

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Needs to have measurements verified by someone else. It is always preferable to work with an assistant when possible May be introduced as evidence in court. It is important that it is accurate and no additions or changes should be made once the investigator leaves the scene Needs to be marked “N” for North to orient the drawing Needs a legend to explain any symbols that are used to identify various objects (In small areas, various objects may be lettered or numbered and keyed in the legend) It is a good idea to designate a symbol on the sketch that shows the location of the camera for each photograph taken.

Note Taking at a Crime Scene:

Note Taking at a Crime Scene

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The note taker has two jobs. The first job is taking notes over crime scene . Make notations over placement of objects, the position of the body, blood spatters, bugs or insects that are on the body, etc. Anything and everything is note-worthy. The more detailed your notes are, the better off you are. The notes taken will help to reconstruct the crime scene after it is longer available to you.

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Notes should contain any of your own thoughts and any “memory joggers” that will help you remember the specifics about the case. Be sure to work closely with the crime scene sketcher and the photographer so that nothing is missed. Notes need to be typed up and placed in the file so that they do not get lost. They are a very important permanent record about the crime scene.

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The second job is that you will do is provide leadership for your team . You will be the one who assists the sketcher on double-checking measurements. You will be the one to question the photographer to make sure that all the evidence, strange marks, or footprints were photographed