Plants and Animals

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Plants and Animals:

Plants and Animals


Plants When a seed falls to the ground it starts what is often referred to as The Life Cycle.  Once in the ground the seed needs water and warmth to start the next step in growth called germination .  Germination is when the seed swells taking in water and nutrients and starts to grow.  After the germination process has started the seed forms a root that will search for food and water in the soil to help the seed grow.  With heat and moisture the seed starts to form it's first leaves underground.  The sprout needs to get those leaves to the surface to absorb more food and to grow, so the sprout pushes up as the roots grow downward.  The root now forms tiny lateral roots .  Next the cotyledon forces upwards protecting the tender leaves between them.  The leaves are referred to as plumule leaves.  When the leaves are up out of the ground they open and start to make food for the plant from oxygen and light.  This is called photosynthesis.  The cotyledons are not needed any more so they wither and fall off.  The leaves grow and the stem starts to stretch upward


Animals Facts Flash the color orange in front of a zebra and it will not be able to see it. So, be careful not to paint a wall orange where zebras wander! In one square foot or forest space you will find more insects than you can find human beings in that much space in Manhattan. You can lead a cow up the stairs, but not down the stairs. The dumbest dog is the Afghan hound. The smartest breeds of dogs are the Jack Russell Terrier and Scottish Border collie. A rat can survive longer than a camel without water.

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