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LEADERSHIPSkills ofKISHORE BIYANIThe retail king : 

LEADERSHIPSkills ofKISHORE BIYANIThe retail king By:- Vinay kumar Ankit yadav Rahul Verma Abhinav

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Success in business comes from the mastery in all aspect including skills, training and motivating the teammates. These things become crystal clear from the life of ‘Retail King’ of India Mr. Kishore Biyani. Born on 9th August, 1961 In a typical joint Marwadi family Chairman and Managing Director, Pantaloon Retail (India) Ltd. Kishore Biyani, who three was conferred “International Retailer of the Year” Award by the prestigious US National Retail Federation (NRF), IN 2007.

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Kishore Biyani, began his career selling stonewash fabric to small shops in Mumbai. He went launch Pantaloons, the biggest listed retailer of the country, today. Pantaloons is credited with launching many retail formats in value and lifestyle retailing under some of the best known retailing brand names in the country, including Big Bazaar, Food Bazaar, Central, e-zone, and Home Town.

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Since his young age, he had a rational thinking, He would question each and everything and do it if he found some logic behind it . He was an introvert and shy person at young age. He believed in the ideology “create and destroy” The man who saw the future

MBTI model to analyze his personality : 

MBTI model to analyze his personality He falls in INTP category :- Introvert Intuition Thinking Perception

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He would observe people, judge them and then accordingly associate or dissociate from them. He loves simplicity and doesn’t demand for luxury. A lot of thinking goes behind when he takes any decisions.

More than a businessmen : 

More than a businessmen It happened in India by Kishore Biyani and Dipayan Baishya. The book is an autobiography of Mr. Kishore Biyani. He explains his own life, personal experience with business and how important is attitude, intuition, observation and proper use of sense to become an entrepreneur. The book has sold some 100,000 copies, more than any other business book published in India so far.

A winner all the way : 

A winner all the way Kishore Biyani was awarded the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2006 in the Services Sector. Lakshmipat Singhania - IIM Lucknow Young Business Leader Award by Prime Minister, Dr. Manmohan Singh in 2006. He was also awarded the CNBC First Generation Entrepreneur of the Year 2006.

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Retail Brands Consumer Finance Insurance Capital Ventures Media Logistics Leisure & Entertainment Shopping Malls Knowledge Services E-Tailing Sectors

Companies.. : 

Companies.. Pantaloon Retail (India) Ltd. Home Solutions Retails India Ltd. Future Brands Ltd. Future Media (India) Ltd. Future Logistics Solutions Ltd. Convergem Communications (India) Ltd. Pantaloon Food Product (India) Ltd. Future Knowledge Services Ltd. Future Capital Holdings Ltd. Future Generali India Insurance Company Ltd. Future Generali India Life Insurance Company Ltd. Futurebazaar India Ltd. Weavette Texstyles Ltd. Staples Future Office Products Private Ltd. Pan India Food Solutions Private Ltd. Talwalkars Pantaloon Fitness Private Ltd. ConvergeM Indus League Clothing Etam Future Fashions Ltd. Galaxy Entertainment Corporation Ltd. Future Venture India Ltd. Foot Mart retail

The Right Way : 

The Right Way The entrepreneurial culture and spirit prevails in the company, whereby the appetite for taking risks is encouraged. He believe in learning while doing, and this what has helped him on his journey. he do not believe in any rigid organizational structure and instead prefer an organization design approach.

Followers : 

Followers His employees are completely empowered individuals who are encouraged to think out of the box, use scenario planning as a tool for quick decision making, adopt design management as an approach which requires an individual to use both sides of the brain while evaluating business propositions.

Characteristics : 

Characteristics 1) Visionary:- He is true visionary when he started selling readymade garments when nobody preferred ready-to-wear shirts or trousers. Now his vision is serving Indian society and which is unchallenged. 2) Risk taker:- He tried out different things on his own, like readymade garments, textile production, creating brands before he ventured in retail business of selling garments. He took risk in doing something new every time.

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3) Ambitious:- He always had ambition of making it big in business, and that he have done. 4) Simplicity: You’ll never catch him in a tie and jacket. He don’t drive expensive cars. 5) Optimistic: Till six months ago, in his own words, Kishore Biyani was an “eternal optimist”. Today, he’s transformed into a “realist”. “it’s my next phase in life,” shrugs the Chairman of the Rs 8,600 crores Future Group, which has today moved away from retail into financial services.


BIG FIVE MODEL OF PERSONALITY Agreeableness Conscientiousness Openness to experience Adjustment


TRAITS OF EFFECTIVE LEADERS High energy Self confidence Internal locus of control Integrity Intelligence Flexibility Sensitivity

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Kishore Biyani, replaced conventional wisdom with “guts and instincts” to create Future Group, a $1 billion company Known for his insights into Indian consumer behavior, Biyani also represents an enigma to the country’s emerging retail players, both domestic and foreign.

Key point to the success : 

Key point to the success India was the Second highest Populated Country in the World Capital Availability:-Good Credit rating led the Biyani, to receive a good amount of capital and support form the Market. Revolution:-India was on the move of revolution, when he entered in this business, people not only welcomed him, but led him to lead the retail business.

On leadership.. : 

On leadership.. Mr. Biyani says he could not find any particular meaning of leadership.. but according to him There are two types of Leadership:- The first is all about thought leadership, which is original thought, believing in it and making things happen based on those thoughts. The second type is skills leadership, which refers to doing things consistently and in your own style.

A Interview of Mr. Biyani : 

A Interview of Mr. Biyani Q. Who according to you is an entrepreneur? Ans. A person who is able to work even when he cannot measure the cause and effect. Q. What is your favorite business mantra? Ans. Go with the flow. Q. Your contribution to society as an entrepreneur... Ans. Making good human beings out of people who we work with and improving their lives.

Suggestions from the king. : 

Suggestions from the king. Q. Biyani’s advice to startups Ans. Go with your belief and dreams. Keep on pursuing it You must realize whether you have the ability to think beyond Everyone cannot be an entrepreneur You need to know if you are comfortable with getting into uncharted territory Biyani:- Most people are trained to be preservers. It is great to be a preserver. But for us, whoever has to create has to destroy. Without destroying, you cannot create anything new.

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