Case report Preeclampsia

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General Data:

General Data IC , 2 7 y/o, married for 1 year G1P0, 39 2/7 weeks AOG, labor pains .

Past Medical History:

Past Medical History (-) HTN (-) DM (-) BA (-) previous surgeries (-) allergies

Family History:

Family History (+) HTN – maternal side (-) DM (-) BA (-) CA

Personal/Social History:

Personal/Social History Housewife, Married x 1 year No vices

Menstrual History:

Menstrual History Menarche at 12 y/o, RMI, 6 days duration, 2-3 moderately-soaked ppd, (+) dysmenorrhea

OB History:

OB History G1 - present pregnancy

Review of Systems:

Review of Systems (-) headache (-) dizziness

History of Present Illness:

History of Present Illness

Physical Examination:

Physical Examination Ambulatory, coherent, not distress BP = CR= /min RR= min Temp= C EENT = pinkish conjuctivae, (-) SCLA Breast = no masses Chest & Lungs: SCE, CBS, (-) wheeze/rales, adynamic precordium, NRRR, (-)murmur

Physical Examination:

Physical Examination Abdomen = globular,NABS, (+) fluid wave, nontender (+) moderate- strong con tractions 4-5 mins Pelvic exam= NEG, non-parous vagina, Cx smooth, Extremities= grossly normal, (+) bipedal nonpitting edema grade 1

For the Alloimmunized Patient:

For the Alloimmunized Patient See flowchart Indication for high-risk OB, or MFM specialist referral


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