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Wetlands :

Wetlands By Nick ( M ildura West P rimary School)

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Click on the icon from Google C hrome H e`s D ead Jim! in the bottom right corner to continue

Wetland translations:

Wetland translations delle zone umide (Italian) 湿地 (Chinese) Feuchtgebiete (German) Υγρότοπο (Greek) đất ngập nước (Vietnamese) водно-болотных угодий (Russian) Mildura South Wetlands

Did you know?:

Did you know? A wetland is like a dishwasher b ecause the dirty water goes in and comes out clean and goes back to where it came from! Mildura South Wetlands

What is a Wetland:

What is a Wetland A wetland is made up of the sedimentation pond, final storage, pumping pool and nine other ponds. There is also a GPT(Gross P ollutant Trap) and an overflow outlet.

GPT(Gross Pollutant Trap):

GPT(Gross Pollutant T rap) A GPT is a trap for the rubbish that gets into the water it has lots of spikes a couple of centimetres a part from each other.

Sedimentation Pond:

Sedimentation Pond A sedimentation pond is a pond with lots of reeds in the water to filter the nutrients and stop the rubbish that makes it`s way through the GPT.

Pumping Pool:

Pumping Pool A pumping pool is a pond that pumps the water to the ponds 7,8 and 9 at E tiwanda W etlands.

Etiwanda Wetlands Location:

Etiwanda Wetlands Location From Google maps

Thanks For Watching:

Thanks For Watching

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