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Etiwanda Wetlands By Madison E :

Etiwanda Wetlands By Madison E

What is a Wetland?:

What is a Wetland? Wetlands are habitats that fall somewhere on the environmental spectrum between land and water. As a result, wetlands are among our planet's most diverse and varied habitats in the world. Wetlands are defined by the soils, and species that occur within them.

Why do we need wetlands?:

Why do we need wetlands? .Wetlands are important for many reasons. They provide important habitat for plants and animals, W etlands along the river are very important feeding and resting areas for birds migrating. . Wetlands also direct spawning and rearing habitats and food supply that supports both freshwater and marine fisheries.

What is a man-made wetland? :

What is a man-made wetland? A man-made wetland is an artificial wetland, marsh or swamp created as a new or restored habitat for native wildlife .Also they are useful or wastewater , stormwater runoff, or sewage treatment.

What are different names for wet lands? :

What are different names for wet lands? The main types of wetlands are bogs, fens, freshwater marshes, playa lakes, pocosins, prairie potholes, swamps, and vernal pools

What is the purpose of a natural wetland? :

What is the purpose of a natural wetland? . Today, wetlands are recognised as providing habitat for wildlife, water storage to prevent flooding and protect water quality .

Facts :

.Did you know Wetlands are found all over the world? . Did you know Wetlands keep our water clean? .Did you know water quality is one of the most important environmental issues facing Australia and the world at large? As nature’s water filters, wetlands play a key role in keeping our water clean. The many types of plants, bacteria and animals that live in wetlands remove many harmful germs. Facts

More facts :

More facts .Did you know Wetlands are valuable wildlife habitat? .Did you know Wetlands and their surrounding areas are for many species of plants, animals and insects. This includes mammals, birds, amphibians, reptiles, fish, These species use wetlands as habitat for food, water, breeding and nesting grounds, resting areas and shelter.

Even more facts :

Even more facts . Did you know Wetlands can help to reduce flooding? .Did you know often , spring runoff and heavy rain can cause flooding? There is simply too much water for the landscape to absorb. . Did you know wetlands are great places to have fun? Thanks to their natural beauty and abundant wildlife, wetlands make great places to relax and have fun. Activities like hiking, wildlife watching, hunting, angling, camping and canoeing are just some of the things people do in wetland areas. Visit a wetland near you to see how you can enjoy the great outdoors!

Everyone had great fun learning about wetlands! :

Everyone had great fun learning about wetlands!

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