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Wetlands in northern Victoria


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Wetlands! By Bronnee

What is a Wetland?:

What is a Wetland? A wetland is an area of land where the soil is saturated with moisture either permanently or seasonally. Such areas may also be covered partially or completely by shallow pools of water.

Names for a Wetland!?:

Names for a Wetland!? Bog : Acidic wetland with no appreciable inflow or outflow of water. Muskeg : Common in northern regions such as Alaska and Canada. Bottomlands : Usually forested low lands in the floodplains of streams and rivers. Peatland : Any wetland that forms peat, including bog, fen, moor, mire, muskeg . Fen : Similar to bog (some scientists say bog and fen are the same )


Also.. WAIT! There's more names… Marsh : Fresh, brackish, or saltwater wetlands along rivers, creeks, ponds, lakes, and coasts. Mire : A bog in Northern Europe. Moore : European term for one of two kinds of freshwater wetlands. Slough : In the northern U.S., refers to freshwater wetlands that can also be considered swamps or shallow lakes. Swamp : Any freshwater wetland supporting trees and shrubs.

What is a man-made constructed Wetland:

What is a man-made constructed Wetland Man made or constructed wetlands are built for a purpose so that water such as stormwater is re-used by cleaning it in a series of man made ponds before the water returns to the river. The Etiwanda Wetlands and Mildura South Wetlands are constructed wetlands.

What is a Natural Wetland?:

What is a Natural Wetland? Natural wetlands have been reduced since European settlement. Despite regulations on the disposal of effluent, the discharge of farm runoff and dairy effluent has helped maintain some natural wetlands.

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