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Business with both Belgium and China


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Cultural Differences and Business : Belgium & China :

Cultural Differences and Business : Belgium & China Andrea Padgett ENG 114 Ms. Hodges Fall 2011

Facts about Belgium::

Facts about Belgium: About the size of Maryland Capital - Brussels Population (2010): 10,839,905 Languages : Dutch, French, German Education : Literacy – 99% Government Type: “Parliamentary democracy under a constitutional monarch. Currency: Euro

Business Tips To Consider::

Business Tips To Consider: Direct eye contact is appropriate. “wait to be invited to use their first name” an agenda is appreciated and strictly followed “decisions tend to take quite a long time”, Belgians are careful and do not tend to rush things ( Cultural Crossing)

Facts about China::

Facts about China: Land size : 3.7 million square miles Capital - Beijing Population (2011): 1,336,718,015 Language : Mandarin Education : Literacy 92.2% Government : Communist Party- Led State Currency : Renminbi ( Background Note: China)

Business Tips To Consider::

Business Tips To Consider: The Chinese do accept direct eye contact, however “when an unfamiliar elder enters the room it is a sign of respect to lower ones head”. “give and receive cards with both hands” Consider bilingual business cards Never write on (received) business cards. (Cultural Crossing)


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