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Seminar on GPS:

Seminar on GPS By NSR Murthy HOD Physics Ideal Institute of Technology ( Global Positioning System )

Contents to be discussed:

Contents to be discussed What is meant by GPS? History of GPS Implementation of GPS Applications of GPS Advanced Technology Future Enhancement

What is GPS:

What is GPS GPS is a satellite based navigation system made up of network of 24 satellites placed into space orbits. It is to determine your position on earth. It provides 3D positioning with global coverage. It work using very high frequency radio data link.

History :

History It was developed by DOD of US Feasibility studies begun in 1960’s. Pentagon appropriates funding in 1973. First satellite launched in 1978. System declared fully operational in April, 1995.

Implementation of GPS :

Implementation of GPS GPS was developed in 3-Phases Phase-I :1973-79 : Concept Validation Phase-II:1979-85 : Full Development & Tests Phase-III:1985-Till date: Production

Components of the GPS:

Components of the GPS

Three Segments of the GPS:

Control Segment Space Segment User Segment Three Segments of the GPS Monitor Stations Ground Antennas Master Station

Space Segment::

Space Segment: GPS satellites are placed in 6-orbits Each orbit has 4 satellites The angle made by each orbit with equatorial is 55 0 The orbits are separated by 60 0 to cover complete 360 0 Orbit period11 hrs 57 min

Control Segment::

Control Segment: The control segment comprises of a master control system.It is located at COLORADO SPRINGS 5 Monitor stations 1.HAWAII 2.COLORADO 3.ASCENCION 4.DIEGO GARCIA 5.KWAJALEIN 4-Large ground antenna stations

User Segment::

User Segment: It consists of receivers that decode the signals from the satellites. It determines position,velocity & time The receiver performs following tasks: Selecting one or more satellites Acquiring GPS signals Measuring and tracking Recovering navigation data

User Segment::

User Segment:

User segment from source to destination video presentation:

User segment from source to destination video presentation NSR Murthy

Applications of GPS:

Applications of GPS Location - determining a basic position Navigation - getting from one location to another Tracking - monitoring the movement of people and things Mapping - creating maps of the world Timing - bringing precise timing to the world

Advanced Technology in GPS:

Differential Global Positioning System (DGPS) Local Area augmentation system (LAAS) Wide Area augmentation system (WAAS) Nation Wide differential GPS (NDGPS) High accuracy nation wide differential GPS (HANDGPS) Advanced Technology in GPS

Future Enhancements in INDIA:

Future Enhancements in INDIA G PS A ided G EO A ugmented N avigation GA G AN