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Here we just introduce some iPhone personal safety apps to help you proctect yourself from abnormal harassment. Go ahead to see how to use these personal safety apps for iPhone to change your iPhone to a self-defense weapon to anti wolf.


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iPhone Personal Safety Apps :

iPhone Personal Safety Apps The social progress brought us the progressive thought, but also brought on the ugly side to our comfortable and harmonious living. With the social progress, females' living becomes even far from tranquil. Today I'd like to introduce several iPhone software for female friends to protect you from the wolf. Go ahead to see how to change your iPhone to a self-defense weapon to anti wolf with the following iPhone personal safety apps. iPhone Personal Safety Apps - Spy Snapshot The girls are always too scared to take the evidence when the accident took place. Actually, you should not forget those advantageous evidences which can let more people know that you are being undeserved. Here I'd like to recommend you a candid software for phone which guaranteed to make you mysteriously shot favorable evidence. It is the Spy Snapshot. With this candid weapon, you can hide the shooting interface and shoot for your wanted evidence. iPhone Personal Safety Apps - Night Recorder If you think it is somewhat difficult to grasp the essentials to well photographed with the above app and easy to be found when shooting for the evidence. Then you can use the following phone software "Night Recorder" to record the helpful sound evidence. Once you open this super recording software, you can see a very professional recording equipment interface. You just need open the "switch" icon and then put your mobile phone into an inconspicuous place, the software will help you to record your wanted voice in your iPhone.

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iPhone Personal Safety Apps - tipSkip Besides relying on outside aid software, you should also have a flexible mind to help yourself calm down. Sometimes you can even play petty tricks to fool the enemy, such as using the following phone software "tipSkip" to change songs when you click on the desktop. So as to confuse and threaten the one who is intending to harass you. iPhone Personal Safety Apps - Flashlight What would you do if you are walking on the way home at late night and then suddenly appeared a drunk or ill-disposed people? How can you escape yourself from the evil hands? You can just use the following phone software "flashlight" to illuminate your way home. You can also use the strobe function to let the people you encountered with malicious intentions have blurred vision, and then sneak away. iPhone Personal Safety Apps - iHandgun Sometimes, in addition to strobe flash light, you can also use this small app to help you leave the territory. The pistol sound will be a good assistant for you to frighten the wolf, and you then you can quickly run away when he surprised a moment. Tips: You can also download some music or videos with the effect of awe to your iPhone. Then use the Video Converter Ultimate for Mac to convert and import them to your iPhone in case. You may interested in: iOS 5 Tips and Tricks , iOS 5 New Apps , Top Apps on iTunes

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