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I have no extraordinary ability to predict the future, but by looking at Apple's product development process, you could see the general direction of the future of Apple.


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Speculation of Apple Future Products:

Speculation of Apple Future Products First, to explain, I do not have any insider information, and I have no extraordinary ability to predict the future, but by looking at Apple's product development process, you could see the general direction of the future of Apple. Personally I think that Apple in the next few years will mainly focus on the following six areas: map, iCloud service, pay, TV, search, and cars. 1 Map Service When the iPhone was first released, because the designer uses a Google map of the original technology, Steve Jobs has called iPhone to be the best map version of Google Maps on earth. 4 years later, It's hard to imagine that even the core of the mobile experience still rely on their biggest competitor. Hope Apple will recognize this and can improve this shortage as soon as possible. Currently, Apple products' Google icon is located on the bottom left corner and has the trend of being replaced, because iPhone and iPad's Safari map has also achieved good performance. 2 iCloud Service iCloud service is very useful for users. For example, if the hard disk crashes, it is possible to redownload the original music, videos, photos via the cloud service. Very convenient. And iCloud can help users to share media files among multiple devices without computers. Such as, you can upload iPad photos to iCloud, then download these photos to your iPhone from iCloud. 3 Pay Use phones as your credit card. Apple won't replace Visa or Mastercard. Google Wallet has taken the lead in this area, but may be the same as the Microsoft Surface, beyond their grasp.

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4 TV I recently bought Apple's new Thunderbolt display, the large screen simply becomes a killer of living room. Although the aesthetics of the hardware is almost as comparable as the Samsung C9000 , but the software, interface, etc. are very common, boot time longer than iPad by 5-10 seconds. The overall effect of the TV is not that good. However, Apple has always been good at giving people surprises in bad areas, so now it is too early to tell. Because of the current slump in TV, there is great strategic significance if Apple enter the TV field. As the experts predicted, people's demand for desktop computers are falling. PC ecosystem is coming - including touch, battery life, mobile applications, Internet access spread, flash and so on. It is likely that Apple will introduce a fusion of the PC ecosystem, shaped like the iMac TV. 5 Search Apple won't focus on competing with Google search engine. For Google, the crisis is not from those search website which followed Google to do search with clear interface, but from totally different search interface and search contents. There are much unneeded information in Google's search result. If Apple can enter the Search industry from another aspect, combine user locations, search interface, map app and next generation of search interface (such as Siri), then Apple will totally changed the rules. 6 Car This seems very far, but I think this is extremely possible. Users can voice search via Siri and Apple Maps. Car owners use their iPhone/iPod better, combining media, search, GPS and other needs in car.

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