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Warehouse Lighting


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Warehouse Lighting:

Warehouse Lighting Warehouse lighting is extremely important for employees, who work within this environment. The type of work performed in a warehouse can be grueling and dangerous, especially if there are inadequate light fixtures to illuminate the way. Warehouse work includes things, such as stocking, forklift operation, as well as shipping and handling numerous products. Employers should be able to provide appropriate lighting to aisles, shelves, docks, and storage locations throughout the warehouse to ensure employee safety at all times. The current market sells a variety of illumination fixtures for warehouse settings, and it is important for employers to select the right product to achieve the highest results.

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Residential Landscape Lighting and Design (RLLD) gives warehouse employers some fantastic choices, when it comes to illumination products. Our online venue consists of numerous top-notch products distributed by a variety of superior manufacturers. Warehouse employers can select the right product for their work environment the first time without having to shop around and fumble through the multitudes of products sold by other distributors. Our professional staff cares about the safety and security of your workers and can assist you in selecting the proper product for your business. RLLD’s professionals can answer any question you may have about installation, lighting technique, and much more.

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There are always risks associated with any type of job, but working in a warehouse exposes employees to many hazards that can become fatal, if the proper type of illumination is not implemented. Illumination fixtures for warehouse settings should focus on luminosity and efficiency for productive purposes. RLLD has a variety of light fixtures that serve multiple functions for this type of setting. We have a fine selection of high and low bay illumination fixtures for your commercial site. High bay lamp fixtures effectively dispel a concentrated light source and are perfect for elevated ceilings. Low bay fixtures work better in small, condensed spaces and upon low ceilings.

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We also have numerous acrylic warehouse illumination fixtures that come equipped with metal halide lamps . These devices allow employees to work more efficiently by reducing glare and augmenting light distribution over a given space. These fixtures produce around 10-20% up light and are equipped with high-grade refractors for optimal performance. There are different mounting options available including hook, cord, and twist lock plug. Employers can also select durable aluminum housing acrylic fixtures, which perform at superior levels in the commercial industry.

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RLLD also has emergency illumination fixtures for warehouse locations. Emergency lights , such as exit signs , are perfect for illuminating hallway and doorway spaces, which may be the only means of escape for employees during an emergency. Bulb type is also important, when selecting a quality illumination fixture. RLLD sells a variety of bulbs depending upon your specific needs. Some of these bulbs include, metal halide , halogen , incandescent , and high-pressure sodium . If you are unsure about which type of bulb to purchase, just ask one of our highly trained professionals for assistance.

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The hazards associated with a warehouse job go well beyond the ordinary risks that confront employees in different settings. This kind of environment requires sufficient illumination in all areas to protect employees from the daily hazards they face. Residential Landscape Lighting and Design is the right choice, when it comes to commercial illumination products. Customers can go to our online venue at www.residential-landscape-lighting-design.com and select among our vast product line for their commercial site. Our professionals can assist you in the selection process and provide you with valuable information pertaining to illumination design, along with techniques. Make your work environment a safe one with the newest and latest innovative illumination products from RLLD.

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