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Parking Lot Lighting


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Parking Lot Lighting:

Parking Lot Lighting Parking lot lighting is a important part of many companies, which can sometimes be a little overlooked. Good use of commercial parking lot light fixtures can help create a safer environment for your employees, customers and business, while creating nice-looking surroundings. For A FREE Quote Contact Us or call toll free at 1-800-239-2939

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Of course, any parking lot, large or small, should be illuminated for safety and visibility first. An unlimited number of different types of flood lights can be used to secure the edge of a parking lot by removing the shadows along the walls, behind buildings and in gaps between store fronts. This can create a challenge for some contractors working in a community with strict dark sky laws on light pollution.

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Lighting a 6,000 square foot of pavement may require the use of 1000 Watt metal halide light fixtures to light the edges and entrances and distribute light evenly on the concrete. But if dark sky laws mandate strict containment of light spills, you will need to house these fixtures that have a variety of design options for accommodating semi-full/cut-off construction of the parking lot light fixture. Otherwise the light will go into the neighboring houses and businesses, or even in the eyes of motorists. In general, it is best to use American made lighting fixtures for parking lots. Quality control of various levels of government, and ensures that the manufacturers\ back their products are unmatched in most of the world.

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American made parking lot lighting also offers its clients the best engineering, maintenance, and replacement options available any where in the world. It ensures that the light fixtures can be maintained and replaced quickly if something goes wrong, because we are a national company that can deliver parts in a timely manner world wide.

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Parking lot lights may need to be very visual in some situations. Fixtures may require a visual element in certain situations. In some projects, this will matter much more than others. University campuses, schools, and government buildings should be illuminated with light fixtures that offer a design that closely matches the geometric proportions and architectural design of the adjoining buildings.  Most companies require aesthetic parking lot lights for security and attracting customers. The single thing an person may notice when they drive by your place of business is the parking lot. Eye-catching  lighting fixtures that are well designed will often be enough to catch a person’s attention.

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Parking lot lighting kits represents a serious factor of high retail sales. Not only must it provide potential customers with safety, it must also provide the best possible visibility. Color representation should be as close to daylight levels in order to enhance storefront decorations, outdoor sign lighting, and landscaping lighting features that create an aesthetically pleasing setting all over the common grounds adjacent the parking lot itself.

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Metal Halide lights provide the greatest lighting source for parking lots due to their high color rendering index (CRI) and their bright white light. Once enclosed in superior, commercial grade light fixtures, they are also outstanding for controlling glare. This is another crucial factor to parking lot lighting that warrants cautious design and purchasing choices. Parking lots on car lots, strip centers and shopping malls experience a high amount of pedestrian traffic, and automobile traffic tends to get larger as closing time approaches. It is essential to give clear horizontal foot-candles density for walkers to clearly see the ground. Likewise, vertical foot candles in parking lots are also just as important, allowing motorists to judge distances between themselves, other automobiles, light poles and outdoor obstructions.

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Commercial grade lighting of this type help make the most of lumens per watt efficiency and help business owners weather tight times with more reasonably priced lighting fixtures and power costs. In many instances, Commercial grade lighting fixtures to light parking lots can improve energy efficiency as much as 400%. The first front end outlay in new parking lot lights and poles will help store owners immediately begin saving money. This is extremely important to many cities, where new energy codes will soon go into law that limit outdoor site lighting around shopping centers and parking lots to 15 watts per square foot. Only with top of the line halogen fixtures can business owners expect to balance the mandates of lighting code compliance with the clear requirements of sufficient light levels, color rendering, and glare minimization.

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For A FREE Quote Contact Us Or Call Toll Free 1-800-239-2939 At Residential Landscape Lighting & Designs , we have access to a full range of commercial lighting options suited to the many needs and concerns facing business owners today. If you still have questions about what to choose for your race commercial lighting project, ask an expert or give us a call  toll free at 1-800-239-2939 and we will try to find an answer to your question. Our home office is located in Houston, Texas with warehouses located throughout the United States

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