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Finish the Sentence:

Finish the Sentence The best job I ever had was... The worst project I ever worked on was... The riskiest thing I ever did was... “I am in this seminar because...” The one time I felt most stressed because I did not have enough time was ...

What is Planning…:

What is Planning …

What is Planning…:

What is Planning …





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Roadblock One: Indolence …is one of man’s basest traits. The indolent mind and body atrophies and feeds upon itself .

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Roadblock Two: Procrastination …It is a form of wishful thinking, and we all indulge in it, but it is time consuming and must be reduced to a minimum if we are to get more things done…

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Roadblock Three: Diversion Most of us in our daily lives are in conflict with diversions such as socializing with callers, becoming over-involved in fruitless personality situations, watching people at work, and so on.

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…impatience is SURRENDER , often to emotions. It’s just easier to let one become annoyed or bored than apply a studied reason. Roadblock Four: Impatience

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Time killers These are human characteristics, which stand in your way to successful time manage mentioned. Useless Chatter More available time is lost by meaningless petty conversation and gossip than in other way. Disengage your tongue and the wheel of time will stop turning.

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The way to get what you want in life is not by daydreaming about it, but by taking constructive action to achieve it. The effective concentrator devotes full time to the task he as performing. He makes the most of it every minute. His mind is constantly on his work, on how to get it done effectively. Daydreaming

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Tiredness Each individual requires a sufficient amount of sleep and rest to feel well and perform effectively . Wasted Motion Organize your movements and your steps so that they are not needlessly repeated. The most efficient way to do a job is with the least amount of effort, energy and time lost. Make every action count.

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Inadequate Planning Many of us do not keep a written well spelled out weekly schedule of task to do and would rely on memory not knowing that as we get tired, so does our memory. Write down and group things together that can be done at the same time or same place. Avoid duplication of effort.

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Fruitless waiting Avoiding waiting game is sometimes impossible, but can be used profitably if you prepare for it. You may read, study or plan while you wait or schedule yourself around other people’s schedule to avoid waiting on them when they are busy or unavailable.

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Healthy Conclusions The quickest way to sale an argument or handle problems effectively is to get all the facts first. Hasty conclusions tend to backfire . Unreliability Time is wasted when you are unreliable. Try being on time and save everyone else some time.


Someday… There’s nothing wrong with having a “someday” list of things you want to do and places you want to go, but when you find that your “today” list is empty, you’d best start moving some of your future goals into the present. Someday is such a deceptive word. It makes you feel good by proclaiming you’ll someday achieve something, but months, years, and even decades can pass and you may find that your someday is still a long way away.

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is often a direct result of the way a person uses his time. You are the master of your time . Use it wisely! Success …

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Thank you! Contact details Mari Glenn P. A guilar 09228672249

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You are marooned on a island. What five items would you have brought with you if you knew there was a chance that you might be stranded . Note that you are only allowed five items per team, not per person. You can have them write their items on a flip chart and discuss and defend their choices with the whole group. (This activity helps them to learn about other's values and problem solving styles and promotes teamwork. )

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