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There are lots of apps on iTunes store. Here is the apps selection which list out the top apps on iTunes that highly recommended by Apple staff.


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Top Apps on iTunes :

Top Apps on iTunes Even the new version of iTunes has been released, the recommended and selected way of top software did not changed a lot. Today we will recommend some software mainly based on this point. By the way, we will also analyze what are the common characteristics of the Apple staff favorite apps . Before the analysis, we should first pick out a keyword from the analyze aspects. That is the term of innovative. As we well-known, iTunes has always give priority to innovation within the useful apps. Whether the app is new, hot, or a selection of staff favorite products, the apps in iTunes are innovation-based. Here we just pick out this common feature so as to analyze in an much easier way on what kind of software are the editing staff prefer to recommend for users. Now let's have simple analysis on the top apps on iTunes. Top Apps on iTunes - Calculator HD+ Pro This software is a new app which features mainly in its computing functions. It is the first recommendation of the calculator software in "Staff Favourite" area. The overall design of this app can be concluded as simple operation and nice color which can give users a very post-modern sense of technology. In addition, this software also supports high-precision calculation engine so it will display the results once you enter a formula. What's more this app also added a long history recording function which enables users to free fall back to the previous step. The more amazing features of this software is that it actually supports AirPrint to easily print the results and formulas, and supports e-mail for sharing computing history. Recommendation reasons: Its innovative function of restoring the usage scenarios really need to seize the user's psychological when using the calculator. * The good and concise interface design is also a highlight of this software.

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Top Apps on iTunes - IMDb Movies & TV Recommended reasons come in its design of features simple but really multiple functions, good interface design and smooth operation feel. It just found the around issues and integrate them into the main function when the things have been done to the pure extreme. So you can find all the related information via it. Tips: Once you've search and download your wanted movies, you can just use the Video Converter Ultimate for Mac to convert the downloaded movies to your wanted formats for playback on your any portable device. Top Apps on iTunes - DragonVale The social EDU is no more rare game on iPad, but very few of this kind of games can be listed in the "Staff Favourites". However, this small free app is different. The main feature of the software is still on the screen. It has a very cute game screen that all the buildings and game roles are used Q-effect to add the lovely and cute element. Recommended reasons: *This app made a mild innovation in the good existing games by adding an "unreal" role which is known by the majority of people but never seen before. * Enhance on the image effect. Top Apps on iTunes - My Daily Journal The biggest feature of this software is that it is provided with full functionality and able to improve the environment and take good use of beautifying effect. Even you don't have the habit of keeping a diary, you may also consciously open it to input something in it. This habit is closely related to the software design and it graphical interface. Recommended reasons: * Comprehensive and personalized fundamental functions support. * Customizable cover and paper made it intimacy to users.

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