Giving Thanks

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Giving Thanks:

Giving Thanks

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“ I am thankful for every member of the staff at OAA with whom I work everyday.   The dedication of this team to taking care of patients and to the mission of the organization keeps me focused on why I do what I do . ” Cheryl Kunkle, OTR/L, CHT

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“ I am thankful for my family, friends, and wonderful coworkers at OAA! ” Jacob Christie

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“ I am thankful for all of OAA.  This year and really the past two years have been very trying for my family as we deal with the medical conditions of my children.  It has required me to miss work, reschedule things at the last minute, and some days just made it difficult to get through the day.  My partners, the PAs especially Amy Keefe, the clinical staff, the administration staff, telephone reception, PT, OT, medical records, every department has made it possible for me to care for my family as well as my patients.  I thank all of you who have helped make this time, this year easier for me by caring about me, my family, my patients, and each other. ” Kenneth J. Brislin, M.D.

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“ I am thankful for my family, my pets and the freedoms we enjoy in the USA. Oh, I'm also thankful for my teammates at HPC. They rock!!! ” Lynette M. Clarke

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“ I am thankful for my entire family, but at this time I am especially thankful for my son who will be spending Thanksgiving in Afghanistan and for his family who will celebrate another holiday without him. Freedom is never Free. STAY SAFE MICHAEL! ” Connie Gillette

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“ I would like to give thanks to my husband, family and our health. ” Tina Wieand

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“ I'm Thankful for My family, their health, my health, the ability to work, walk, talk, see and hear and help others. Thankful for GOD getting me through a divorce and confidence to take care of my finances. Thankful for a great relationship with my son and his dedication to his school work and keeping himself on track for high honor roll. Thankful for the ability to care for my home on my own, and even though I complain about having to trim hedges, cut grass, weed whack, cook, clean, do laundry, etc. it is better than not being able to do it because of a disability or illness. ” Valerie Patti

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“ This year I am most thankful for those blessings in disguise. ” Valerie Betz

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“ After seeing the specials needs children at Coca Cola Park for Suites-n-Treats night. I’m thankful for my husband, my family, and our good health. ” Michele Lepone-Wynne

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“ When I ponder what I am truly thankful for, I can only think of one health and the support and love of my family.  Over the past few years I have overcome some challenging things in my life. If it wasn't for the loving support of my wonderful wife, Stephanie, and the rest of my family I don't know if I could have overcome those challenges! ” Mark A. Miller

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