Convert Word to EPUB on Mac

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Convert Word to EPUB on Mac :

Convert Word to EPUB on Mac Writing your own story in Microsoft Word is a straightforward matter and almost everyone can do this. However when you want to import your story being an e-book, the Word formats (.doc, .docx) aren't suitable platforms. Actually the most widely used e-book format now is EPUB, which can be read easily on most popular e-Readers such as apple iPad 2, apple iPhone 4S, iTouch, Sony Reader, etc. As it is not easy to make an EPUB eBook manually, so converting office word to EPUB on Mac should be the easiest way you to create a publishable eBook. And this article tells you how convert Word to EPUB on Mac. EPUB Creator for Mac is a simple, yet powerful Mac word to EPUB converter that also works on a number of other popular text formats. You can create EPUB books from word for Mac in just under a minutes. How to Convert DOC Files to EPUB on Mac? Step 1: Add Word Files Double click on the quick start icon to launch the Mac Word to EPUB Converter. Click "Add..." button on the main screen to add the Word files from your local folder. Step 2: Customize settings On right bottom click button to open the options window, in this step you can easily set the Book Info, Layout, Style etc. to meet your needs. You can also add content to your EPUB eBooks. Step 3: Start to Convert Word to EPUB on Mac When everything is ready, you can just click "Create" button to convert DOC files to EPUB on Mac. After a few minutes, you can get the output EPUB books as you desire. Following successfully converting office Word to EPUB on Mac, you can easily add the EPUB books to iTunes library, then sync them to Apple devices for reading. Keys: convert word to epub on mac, convert doc files to epub on mac Read More Guides: Convert TXT Files to EPUB on Mac , Convert HTML to EPUB on Mac