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Presentation on a Presentation:

Presentation on a Presentation Nuances for better communication

The Base:

The Base Knowledge Subject Client


Focus Objective (Purpose of the presentation) Convince Discuss an issue Exhibit capability Demonstrate process


Transfer Communication Language Body Dressing Movements Lack of it Spoken Modulation / Intonation Avoid accent Use own voice Be natural 4


Time Be on time Get Application running before time Stick to delivery Time Get out on time 5


Procedure Standard Procedure Modeling applications 45 minutes


Intro Topic Description Time Introduction About yourself 00:10 seconds About your company 00: 15 seconds About the software 00:20 seconds About the parent company 00:20 seconds

Software Demo:

Software Demo Topic Description Time Software Demo 45 Best Commands Only 3d 30 minutes Partial User List 10 International 20 seconds 10 Indian 20 seconds Model 1 fantastic Assembly with at least 25 elements 5 minutes Try to do models pertaining to audience


Closure Summary Highlights Benefits of Application Resource Ease of use Portability


Preparation Presentation notes Pre ready Finished and semi models Presentation for background Structure Practice Practice Practice And more Practice

Main Points:

Main Points Know why you are giving a demo Know what you are giving the demo in Know who you are giving demo to.

Areas to master:

Areas to master Students – Presentation 1 More entertainment and 3D Corporate More Concepts and benefits Mixed Crowd Speed and Generic models with high complexity

Watch out!!:

Watch out!! When you piss in your pants, its only so long that you can stay warm 13

Watch out!!:

Watch out!! Without good knowledge of the subject, “ Which in our business, is a given ”, dare not engage a client who’s potential you are not aware of 14


Closure Summarize The closing is the Most important gambit Reiterate all very high points Thank the Audience Exit 15

Most Important point:

Most Important point Start on time Exit on time Never request for Query more than once.


PPT Tips for a decent PPT 17

Just a tool:

Just a tool PPT is not “ do all and end all ” It is just a tool It forms may be 5% of the entire program /session The remaining is the presenter PPT is “ REMINDER ONLY ” 18


KISS Page number Border / frame / theme Generic Client based Company Based Fonts not less that 26pt Max 5 points in a slide 19


Elements Frame / page number Slide Title Slide Body Logos Moving / animated element A relevant image / slide Keep One Graph / slide 20

Summary Slide:

Summary Slide Generic Base Focus Transfer Time Product Presentation 45 minute breakup Watch out Preparation Closure PPT KISS Elements Summary Slide 21


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