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St Georges Day , 23 rd April Ashton Market

Slide 2:

Got the best spot on the market!

Slide 3:

A sunny day and lots of customers

Slide 4:

My glamorous assistant…. …and Colin!

Slide 5:

It looks like a big fat bird at the moment!…. Willow weaving with a St George’s day theme

Slide 6:

Now it looks more like a dragon!

Slide 7:

I even let kids have a go!

Slide 8:

Big crowds, lots of event and school enquiries. Well worth being there.

Slide 9:

Gorse Hall Orchard day Saturday May 7 th

Slide 10:

Weaving bodging teepee.. and cake!

Slide 11:

Tulip Sunday Stamford Park. May 8 th

Slide 12:

Sunny day and lots of people

Slide 13:

Clay bug making was really popular

Slide 15:

Despite me treading on kids clay creations…

Slide 16:

We made over 80 strange bugs…

Slide 17:

All helped by Keith’s friendly smile!!

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