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Commercial Warehouse Lights


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Commercial Warehouse Lights:

Commercial Warehouse Lights As a company owner with a warehouse, you are well aware of how important it is to have your space properly lit. There are several duties which are fulfilled by commercial warehouse lighting . These jobs include security for your products and safety for your employees. Having the right lights for these functions is vital to the productivity of your labor force and the ability to keep your products free from damage or theft. Depending upon the size of your space, you will have various options for commercial warehouse lighting . While general advice can help you narrow down your choices, it will be best to consult with an expert to answer specific questions concerning your project.

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To allow your employees to work most efficiently, you will need commercial warehouse lighting to keep a large area brightly lit. You might want to install bay lighting. The type of bay lights will be based on the height of your ceiling. If your ceiling is higher than twenty feet high, then you should use high bay lighting. These are designed to light from those extreme ceiling heights without sacrificing brightness. They will be too powerful to use on ceilings of less than twenty feet high. For those you will need low bay lights.

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Continuous, bright warehouse lighting of a large area for security reasons can be accomplished through the use of a flood light. If you only want the light to come on if someone enters the area, you could tie it into a motion detector that will light the lamp. Motion detectors should not be used in areas where there is a lot of movement from machinery or possible breezes after hours, since this could cause the lamp to needlessly light. You also might want to consider tying your commercial warehouse vandal proof lighting into a timer. This way you can program it to turn on and off at any time you want.

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There are several bulb options for your commercial warehouse lighting . You will likely find yourself installing a high intensity discharge (HID) light bulb. There are four main types: metal halide, mercury vapor, high pressure sodium, and low pressure sodium lamps. These all operate in similar ways. They have a gas and a metal inside the lamp. When electricity is sent into the lamp, it excites the gas particles which react with the metal. Light is then produced. The brightness and coloring of the light is based on the types of gas and metal in the lamp. HID lamps and light bulbs are more energy efficient than incandescent, but keep in mind that these should not be used with flood lights tied to motion detectors. These lights need a warm up and cool down period between lighting cycles. If you are using a motion detector, it will be best to opt for either a halogen or fluorescent bulb. This will offer you the best in energy efficiency and bulb longevity for these applications. If the temperature of your commercial warehouse lighting is important, then you should not choose halogens, which can get very hot when lit. Instead, a cooler fluorescent or HID lamp will be better.

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Finding the proper commercial warehouse lighting for your space is important for your employee's safety and your goods' security. Talk to an expert to get advice on your specific project, and then make your lighting choices.

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