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5S Basics 5S

What is 5 S ?:

5 What is 5 S ? 5 S is a step wise method to Remove unnecessary items Reduce the searching time of the items Inspect while cleaning Standardize arrangement to avoid misplacing Self discipline

Elements of 5S:

6 Elements of 5S Seiri Seiton Seiso Seiketsu Shitsuke Sort Set in Order Shine Standardise Sustain


7 Definition Seiri means that You remove all items from the workplace that are not needed for current production / operations Step 1 - SEIRI

1s Seiri – “Sort” :

1s Seiri – “Sort” Seiri means “to sort” or organize. It is the first stage of the 5S method. Sorting is a team activity The basic tool is a red tag : The additional tool is the 5S Sort List : Reduce waste This identifies the hindrances, and goes beyond simple “waste material”:

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Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd. – Automotive Sector , Mumbai Machine No. – 1774 (Transmission P.U.) BEFORE CLEANING AFTER CLEANING

Key to doing Seiri !!:

10 Key to doing Seiri !! Do not throw out only those items which you are sure you will not need Do not only arrange all the items into neat patterns Step 1 - SEIRI


11 Definition Seiton means that keep frequently-used items handy, and store other things where they can be found. Step 2 - SEITON

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Seiton – “Set in Order” Strenghten Organising . Arrange items so that they are easy to find & readily retrieved. “A place for everything & everything in it’s place”

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BEFORE Deburring Cleaning Grinder # 2 Grinder # 1 Loader Heat treatment Roller OUT IN Step 2 - SEITON

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AFTER Cleaning Deburring Grinder # 2 Grinder # 1 Loader Heat treatment Rolle r OUT IN 1 2 3 4 5 6 Step 2 - SEITON

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Before After

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3 Seiso – “Shiny clean” Cleaning up “Initial deep cleaning” may be necessary Challenge is to then implement regular housekeeping so that any dirt or greases is immediately obvious.

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This is also a team exercise Clean & Inspect area at a time : Equipement , work stations, also common areas. Finally take photographs of the “shiny clean “ workplace to illustrate the standards.

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Seiketsu – “Standardized Cleanup” Read workplace of undesird debris,durt,dust etc .Healthier safer environment for humans & machines. Step 4 - Seiketsu

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Move on to all workplaces areas Implement best practices throughout the workplace Improvement of process.

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The results include: Maintenance for buildings or equipment, if these are sources of dirt Improvements to processes – for example, adding a dust hood over a cutting area A binder with instructions for cleaning each work area A checklist for each cleanup period (daily, biweekly, or less frequently) A list matching the people with their responsibilities

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5 Shitsuke – “Sustain” Shitsuke is a complex Japanese concept : Includes discipline, self-discipline, common cultural values, and self-motivated practice to improve This step requires continued management support & communication.


24 ZONES The company to be divided into several small zones to include every inch of space in the company ( incl Work area, office area, Security cabin, canteen, toilets, garden, etc) Each zone to have a zonal coordinator Step 1 - SEIRI

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Remember 5 S 1S 4S 3S 2S 5S Sort Straighten Shine Standardize Sustain

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Thank You !

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