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Spend a Summer Day The College of Information Sciences and Technology

Mission and Focus:

Mission and Focus The College of Information Sciences and Technology is a relatively new College in Penn State designed to meet the needs of the new Information Age

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Interdisciplinary program links computer science, users, and information technology Undergraduate majors Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Information Sciences and Technology (IST) B.S. in Security & Risk Analysis (SRA) Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degree 175 faculty members 2400 undergraduate students 20 campus locations Associate, B.S., M.S., Ph.D. degrees 120 graduate students 4000 interns 70 + new courses On-line courses & distance education The Penn State College of Information Sciences and Technology is an interdisciplinary program that integrates computer science, information technology and system users at the individual, group, organizational and societal levels. Degrees are offered at the associate, baccalaureate, masters, and PhD levels. College of Information Sciences and Technology at a Glance http://ist.psu.edu

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Information Sciences and Technology (IST) Major Information Sciences and Technology

What is IST? :

What is IST? We are often asked; what is IST? Our lost friend provides an example of the pervasiveness of information technology in everyday life

Google Maps:

Google Maps



Street View:

Street View

IST in Action:

Store Number Address Line 1 Address Line 2 City State Zip Code Phone Number Wireless? Latitude Longitude 558 Florham Park 184 Columbia Turnpike Florham Park NJ 79321314 973-443-0484 Yes 40.78811 -74.3895313 978 Preakness Shopping Center 810 Hamburg Turnpike Wayne NJ 7470 (973) 872-6406 Yes 40.95823 -74.225075 23949 Miramonte & Cuesta - Mtn. View 809A Cuesta Blvd Mountain View CA 94040 (650) 938-3744 Yes 37.37335 -122.0875728 66940 Grove & Center - Castro Valley 22095 Center Street Castro Valley CA 94552 510-886-9010 Yes 37.69001 -122.0623507 86215 Clayton & Treat - Concord 4375 Clayton Road, A Concord CA 94521 925-521-9960 Yes 37.9643 -121.989403 95186 I-24 & Sam Ridley Pkwy 620 Sam Ridley Pkwy West Smyrna TN 37167 615-220-0327 Yes 35.97902 -86.563256 98424 Pittsburgh Mills 2012A Butler Logan Rd Tarentum PA 15084 724-274-7239 40.59339 -79.806406 103446 Bashas Maricopa #109 21044 N John Wayne Parkway Maricopa AZ 85239 520-836-4400 33.07028 -112.046323 108317 Cornelius Pass & Butler, Hillsboro 7399 NE Butler St. Hillsboro OR 97124 503-640-5067 Yes 45.53798 -122.900247 149984 Vons - San Diego #2352 6155 El Cajon Blvd. San Diego CA 92115 32.76121 -117.065153 IST in Action information “create it” Design “use it” Context information i n f o r m a t i o n “bring together data and meaning” Integration technology

What We Are:

What We Are Where information, people, and technology meet. Prepare students for careers related to how people create, modify, and use information technologies Prepare students to understand the effects of information technology on themselves, other individuals, organizations, and society. Cover a broad range of topics from software development to social media to business applications for technology.

Who our students are:

Who our students are They enjoy working with information technologies and are willing to work in teams with other students. They want to build professional communication skills that enable them to work well with both technical and non-technical audiences. They may have no previous computer and programming knowledge but will learn everything required here.

What our students do:

What our students do IST Alumni Business consultants: People who use technology to solve business problems and make organizations run more smoothly. Software and web designers: People who design IT solutions for businesses, government organizations, and more. Participants in leadership development programs at some of the world's top companies. “Outside-the-box” careers, such as marketing, research and development, and other areas that intersect with information and technology.

Examples of IST graduate job titles:

Examples of IST graduate job titles Applications Developer IT Consultant Assistant Project Manager IT Infrastructure Analyst Business Systems Analyst IT Solutions Architect Change Management Analyst IT Systems Engineer Data Analyst Implementation specialist Design Engineer Multimedia Specialist Forensics and Analysis Consultant Technology Support Specialist Web Developer

What You Will Learn:

What You Will Learn Internship

IST Bachelor of Science (B.S.) :

IST Bachelor of Science (B.S.) Design, implementation, integration, and utilization of information systems (IS) Design and Development Integration and Application Context Intelligence Analysis and Modeling Information and Cyber Security Social Factors and Risk Understand the elements of IS including programming, database, human computer interaction, knowledge representation, search engines, characteristics of users, etc. Understand the use and impact of IS at the individual, group, organizational national and international levels (e.g., social networks, participatory sensing, digital natives versus digital immigrants). Understand information acquisition, representation, dissemination, storage, retrieval, display, and interpretation

IST Bachelor of Arts (B.A.):

IST Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)

IST Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) :

IST Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) Craft your own degree by integrating different disciplines and your personal passions with IST Understand potential applications Medical-informatics Legal-informatics Bio-informatics Enviro -informatics Business-informatics Chemometrics Enterprise informatics Athletics Art Business Science History

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Security and Risk Analysis (SRA) Major Security and Risk Analysis

What is SRA? :

What is SRA? We are also asked, “What is SRA?” Security and Risk Analysis addresses how to keep information and privacy safe in a networked world, without locking up all computers and communications devices .

Individual Threats:

Individual Threats

Business Threats:

Business Threats

Threats to our National Security:

Threats to our National Security

What we are:

What we are The Security and Risk Analysis major focuses on how to design systems that are secure, how to measure risk, and how to ensure that proper levels of privacy are maintained for individual technology users, businesses, government, and other organizations. The SRA major requires a good understanding of information system design and operation, and the legal and cultural issues surrounding privacy, intelligence, and security.

Who Our Students Are:

Who Our Students Are They are interested in security, cyber forensics and the protection of information and privacy They are very comfortable with utilizing the Web They may not be highly experienced in computer programming, but can expect to become proficient in security issues regarding computer systems They are willing to learn about the social and legal factors involved with cyber security.

What our students do:

What our students do SRA Alumni Many SRA graduates work for the federal government at agencies including the FBI, CIA, and National Security Administration (NSA) in areas such as cyber forensics, military intelligence, and public policy. Others work for private-sector corporations to ensure data and operations are secure and help evaluate risk associated with business decisions. Still others continue on to graduate school to pursue privacy law or public policy.

Examples of SRA job titles:

Examples of SRA job titles Catastrophe Risk Analyst IT Analyst Computer System Security Analysts IT Consulting Manager Cyber Analyst IT Strategy Architect Cyber Network Security Engineer Network Intel Analysts Data Security Administrator Network Security Engineer Enterprise Architect Systems Administration Information Assurance Analysts Systems Enterprise Architect Information Assurance Remediation Systems Integration Analysts Information Assurance/Security Engineers Security Project Manager Intel Analysts Systems Integration Engineer Intrusion Detection Analyst Web Security & Privacy Specialist

What You Will Learn:

What You Will Learn

SRA Bachelor of Science (B.S.) :

SRA Bachelor of Science (B.S.) Design, implementation, integration and utilization of information systems (IS) Information & Cyber Security Intelligence Analysis Modeling Social Factors and Risk Intelligence Analysis and Modeling Information and Cyber Security Social Factors and Risk Understand how to deal with security and privacy concerns in all types of organizations, ensure that computer systems and products are secure and how to “police” cyberspace. Understand how to calculate, evaluate, and predict risk in a variety of fields including business and national security; students learn how to protect vital infrastructure against subversive attacks. Students explore the psychological and sociological causes of terrorism and crime and how information technology is transforming each; understand privacy policies and government regulation to ensure users that the data they provide is secure.

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IST Career Solutions Office of Undergraduate Programs Madhavi Kari Career Solutions Team Lead & Placement Coordinator [email protected] COLLEGE OF INFORMATION SCIENCES AND TECHNOLOGY Internships and Job Placement

Student Quality, Flow, Outcomes:

Student Quality, Flow, Outcomes Placement (2007– 2009) Placement rates ranged from 85 % to 95% Average starting salaries $ 55K to $ 58.6 K Average signing bonus: $ 5,200

IST Students in Action:

IST Students in Action ist.psu.edu [email protected] IST students taught Java programming to workers in the Ministry of Education & repaired computer hardware damaged by Hurricane Ivan IST students traveled to Nyeri, Kenya to implement healthcare solutions in a rural area of Africa . Students won a competition for online keyword advertising; traveled to Google HQ in California; Used local businesses as clients Grenada Team Google on-line competition Machavu Team Korey and his peers in the capstone course for IST seniors worked with non-profits in Centre County, PA to improve their IT infrastructure. One of two IST students chosen for KPMG Diversity Leadership Program in 2008 She received a Discovery Research grant, a prestigious award given to undergraduate students to pursue their research Korey Wallace Samantha Weirman Jamilah Matthews IST students Placed 10 th (out of 3800 teams) in a national technology contest sponsored by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) Supported the USMC in a national red-team exercise to evaluate available technology to defeat U. S. weapon systems Receive near continual letters of commendation for their performance on internships and new jobs Founded Weebly.com, a $ 300M startup company based on an IST senior project Have acted as digital native consultants to support evaluation of security issues for Penn State and the football stadium Receive the highest average job salaries of any major at Penn State

The College of Information Sciences and Technology Equation:

The College of Information Sciences and Technology Equation + + Penn State reputation Outstanding dedicated faculty State of the art facilities + Enthusiastic students in small classes + = People Technology Information Integrated curriculum that links people, technology and information A valuable education for the 21 st century with numerous job opportunities in government, industry and other organizations