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In the Trenches at Corinth:

In the Trenches at Corinth The First Epistle to the Corinthians Part 1

The Trench:

The Trench Geography Cross roads between east, west, north, south Aegean coastline

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Lechaeum & Cenchreae Harbours, Southern Cape of the Peloponnese, Isthmus

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Corinth Canal

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The Trench:

The Trench History & Governance Lucius Mummius Julius Caesar Gallio (Marcus & Lucius Seneca)

The Trench :

The Trench Demographics 3 rd Largest City Cosmopolitan Jews, Greeks, Romans, Asians (Freedmen; Veterans; Roman Populace) Success – trade, business, entrepreneurship Status Inconsistency Honour-shame cultural orientation City community/culture – Roman; prosperous & self-sufficient

The Trench:

The Trench Culture Religion & Feasting [ Poseidon, Aphrodite (Acrocorinth), Apollo, Demeter, Kore] Asclepius Korinthiozomai Ismusian Games Philosophy

The Blue Print:

The Blue Print The Occasion Evidence of a prior letter (1 Cor. 5.9) First Epistle – AD 54 Ephesus/Spring (16.8) Report - Chloe’s household (1.11) Letter (7.1) Apollos (16.5, 12) Good news (16.17-18) Tone Harsh Reasoned Tense Past/Present Future Quotations Few Many ‘Now about’ Often used Report Letter

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Uncertainty 11.2-16 (In Worship) 15.1-58 (The Resurrection) Barrett & Fee Report 1.10-6.20 Letter 7.1-16.24