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KIM DYLAN F FALL 2011 beyonce megan fox


DYLAN Im dylan I like to play xbox and airsoft. My favorite sport is basketball. I like the tv show 24 and criminal minds.

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im in 8th grade my grades are good i was born on april 12th 1998


Keyterm Technology-practical use of human knowledge and extending human abilities SYSTEM- an organized way of completing a goal.

Key terms :

Key terms Input-what gose into a system Output-result of a systems process Process-the action part of a system Feedback-tells if the system is working right Communication tech-to transfer and discuss info

Key terms:

Key terms Engineering-designing a product or structure so they are sound. Prototype-a working model

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Name game The system was half the class stayed at the tables while the others rotated and then we split the class in half again but this time the people that stayed at the tables were together. The benefits were that we got to learn every body's name and things about them. the problem with the original system is that the people that stayed never met each other. We modified the system by letting everybody met each other

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Marshmallow challenge

Marshmallow challenge :

Marshmallow challenge The challenge was to try to build a tower that could support the marshmallow at the top. we used 20 sticks of pasta, tape, string, and a marshmallow. We had 18 minutes to complete our structure. The goal was to build a tower to support the marshmallow at the top of it. The idea process was us thinking and brainstorming what we could have built. First I wanted to make a tower with support beams on all sides but half way threw, a group member broke all our sticks so we taped them all together and it supported the marshmallow 2” above the ground.

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