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What is poverty ?:

What is poverty ? Poverty is the deprivation of common necessities such as : FOOD CLOTHING SHELTER SAFE DRINKING WATER No one common definition of poverty is accepted by all countries. Poverty is generally categorized as material deprivation. Generally, poverty is defined as the state of being poor or deficient in money or means of subsistence.

All of which determine our quality of life:

All of which determine our quality of life

Type of poverty:

Type of poverty 1.Economic poverty 2.Bodily poverty 3.Mental poverty 4.Cultural poverty 5.Spiritual poverty 6.Political poverty 7.Societal poverty


Conti.. Economic Poverty - Lack of monitory demands for providing themselves with Food, Cloth and Shelter. Please note that money need for only the mentioned attributes falls under this category. Bodily Poverty - Lack of property physical health and access to health living conditions. Mental Poverty - Lack of thinking, which is resultant of lack of access to education and knowledge. Cultural Poverty - Lack of coming together in a society. No collaborative activities taking place which leads to disconnect between people. Spiritual Poverty - surprising right? Yes, lack of feeling of togetherness/brotherhood plays an important role in bringing people together. Political Poverty - Lack of understanding of how system works. The basic problem is the understanding of how to cast one's vote and elect their leader. Societal Poverty - Lack of social connectivity.

The Poverty Of India :

The Poverty Of India

The child is crawling towards a united nations food camp, located a km away:

The child is crawling towards a united nations food camp, located a km away

Population living below $1 & $2 a day:

Population living below $1 & $2 a day

How is poverty measured?:

How is poverty measured? Living below the poverty line L ength of time living in poverty P overty is not just about income S ocial benefits drastically reduce poverty M easuring deprivation

Other methods to measure poverty:

Other methods to measure poverty The budget standard approach T he food ratio method T he united nations poverty index The UNICEF report card on child well-being

How to Eliminating Poverty :

How to Eliminating Poverty Poverty is eliminated by : G enerating more employment; raising the level of minimum education; M aking the social elite aware of the possibility of removing it; P resenting the government concrete programs of prosperity; D rawing upon the resources of every social institution like Chamber of Commerce, university, research institutions, government, voluntary organization, U.N., U.N. agencies, press, etc. E ducating the public opinion that poverty is not inevitable. A ccepting the principle that the world can compel A nation to eradicate poverty.

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“If you don't have the money you can't do the things you want to do…I can't afford to send my daughter on school excursions .” (Brotherhood of St Laurence 1996)

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