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Flagpoles American made flagpoles & flag pole lighting kits have made a recent resurgence in American society after the tragic events of September 11th 2001. Every American flag has its own unique features, and there are a variety of designs that people can purchase in order to display their patriotic feelings. A flagpole is a great way to display freedom’s colors on your landscape and can create an invigorating feeling of pride to all those, who set eyes upon it.

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Having the right kind of flagpole for your property also requires the proper type of illumination to highlight its features. Residential Landscape Lighting and Design (RLLD) has a variety of illumination fixtures to assist you in your patriotic theme. There are numerous styles and designs to flagpoles. Depending upon your requirements, flagpoles can be wall mounted or in ground fixtures.

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Some styles include the External Halyard, Vertical Wall Mounted, and the Nautical design. All standard fixtures are designed to meet wind speed requirements for the region where you reside. Once homeowners have determined what type of flagpole to buy, residents should then figure out the type of installation method for their design. Traditional products are typically entrenched into the ground or fastened on a concrete slab, but some residents do choose to mount the fixture on the exterior walls. Small flagpoles typically come in one section, but larger size versions may have up to three to five sections depending upon the style.

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Homeowners should always determine the proper distance between objects, when installing their flagpole. The size of the flag that is going to be draped on the pole will determine how much space an individual needs to leave between their flagpole and other objects. Common analysis says that a resident should leave at least one foot greater than the length of the flag, but individuals may want to leave more space in case they want to fly a bigger flag at a later time. Once you have installed the pole and have adjusted it to the proper measurements, residents should purchase quality lighting fixtures to illuminate this wonderful symbol of hope and freedom, during the evening hours.

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Residential Landscape Lighting and Design has light fixtures that are perfect for bringing out that true American spirit. Their professionals can assist you in choosing the right illumination product for your design and answer any question you may have pertaining to product installation and lighting technique. RLLD has up light kits with metal halide bulbs for a spectacular effect. Homeowners can also purchase complete flagpole kits for single or multiple units. These kits are ideal for illuminating products ranging in height from 15 to 30 feet. RLLD also has beautiful animated patriotic lights for your property. Homeowners can choose between the American flag or five-pointed star to display their deepest pride. These whimsical light fixtures go hand in hand with your new flagpole to bring out the best within you.

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The symbol of the American flag brings profound emotions to every individual. No matter what this nostalgic symbol means to you, be sure to give it the best accessories for display purposes. Flagpoles are the perfect way to show off these treasured items and are a beautiful addition to your outdoor landscape. Homeowners should always have the proper type of illumination for their flag, so passerby’s can view the true beauty of American pride, during the evening hours. Residential Landscape Lighting and Design (RLLD) has the right illumination fixture for your patriotic theme , whether you are hanging “Old Glory” to celebrate the 4th of July or as a symbol of eternal remembrance for those, who have perished in tragedy. RLLD wants to invite you to share your American pride under a new type of light that lets freedom ring all night long.