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NESTLE Start healthy, Stay healthy!!!

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Nestle India has presence across India with seven manufacturing facilities and four branch offices spread across the region: Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata. All these offices in the country help facilitate these sales and marketing of its product. The nestle head office is located in Gurgaon , Haryana.


BRANDS Milk Products and Nutrition Beverages Prepared Dishes and Cooking Aids Chocolates and Confectionery

No. of Departments:

No. of Departments Finance & Control Chocolates & Confectionery Dairy Human Resources Nestle Professional Export Sales Supply Chain Legal Technical

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CEO DIRECTOR MANAGER LABORS Antonio Helio Waszyk Ravinder Narain

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To rapidly build Nestle India as the respected and trustworthy leading food nutrition, health and wellness company ensuring long term sustainable and profitable growth good food, good life. Given the ever increasing consumer demand it is an ongoing priority and challenge to: Secure a plentiful supply of fresh mill Find areas to produce high quality milk Find cost effective ways to meet projected demand.

Training Programs at Nestle:

Training Programs at Nestle First and foremost training is done on the job. Guiding & coaching is part of the responsibility of each manager and is crucial to make each one progress in his or her position. Formal training programs are generally purpose or ended or designed to improve relevant skills and competency. Literacy Training Nestle Apprenticeship Program Local Training

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ORGANIZATION STRUCTURE National Sales Manager Zonal Sales Manager Regional Sales Manager Customer Service Manager Area Manager System support Executive Event Management Customer Service Officers Territory Incharge System Support Officers EM Officers Clever Technician Sales Associates DSR Loadery Loadery

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STRENGTHS Loyalty from customers Adaptation of new technology Trust on products due to the proper health & safety measures WEAKNESSES Not much margins for retailers to prefer its sales Need to improve the facilities like chillers??? Distribution cost is high OPPORTUNITIES Provide incentives to retailers to improve sales volume Capture the market of home appliances ????? THREATS Companies are competing on the basis of the cost Companies like cadbury giving more discounts to retailers as compared to distributors due to which retailers prefer its products for sale. SWOT ANALYSIS

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PROPOSAL for the Training need assessment This proposal is made to evaluate the training need of an employee working in an organization. It will help the HR manager to analyze the employee’s work and accordingly the training program will be made.

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PURPOSE Our purpose for training will be more than just a transfer of knowledge and skills. It is fundamental to their culture of learning and development and to the fostering of their corporate principles and values. We will teach employees how to cultivate their capabilities and how to realize their full potential and to encourage them to grow on a personal level and also encourage them to help others to grow.

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OBJECTIVES The objective of training need analysis is to identify the training requirements of Nestle employees working there, so that their efficiency level can be improved in order to make them able to take up & perform on their jobs.

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METHODOLOGY Training need vary from individual to individual, therefore to give the best training we will divide The employees into three categories: Manager Level Officers Level Below Officers Level Training need analysis is done on the basis of the strengths and weaknesses of the employees in order To evaluate causes of poor performance To determine desired training outcomes To provide a basis of measurement To gain management support

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1. SELECTION OF EMPLOYEES Under this, Performance Appraisal Process is followed for the Managers and Assistant Managers, where we will set the objective for them and at the year end we will review the responsibility that will be given to them. 2. COLLECTION OF DATA This data is collected in order to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the employees. It is secondary in nature. This data is collected from the performance appraisal filled by the line managers for the officers and above officers. 3. IDENTIFYING STRENGTHS & WEAKNESSES Now with the filled forms we will analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the employees and will try to remove their weaknesses and improve their efficiency.

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4. TRAINING PROGRAMME TO BE SUGGESTED Communication Skills for Success Time Management Presentation Skills Advance Excel Skills Coaching/Mentoring Problem Solving/Analytical skills Negotiation Skills

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Sl. No. Training Name Date No. of Employees 1. Communication Skills August , 2011 40 2. Time Management August, 2011 30 3. Presentation Skills September, 2011 25 4. Advance Excel Skills September, 2011 30 5. Coaching/Mentoring September, 2011 18 6. Problem Solving Analytical Skills October, 2011 35 7. Negotiation Skills October, 2011 25 TRAINING CALENDER

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