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Our discussion starts by giving you the persons who contribute in the study of cells. Next will be the discussion of the two main types of cell the prokaryotic and the eukaryotic cells. Lastly is the differentiation between plant and animal cells and their structures’ function.

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Observe tiny units of cork under a microscope which later called cells Proposed an Advanced Theory for Plant Cells Robert Hooke Matthias Schleiden

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Stated that animals are also made up of cells Rudolf Virchow Theodore Schwann Found out that cells do not form independently on their own; instead, cells arise from preexisting cells.

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Eukaryotic and Prokaryotic cells

Brief Comparison:

Brief Comparison


Differentiation Plant and Animal Cells

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PLANT CELL Animal cell

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Plant Cell Animal Cell Has cell walls Has centrioles , Larger vacoules for storage of water Smaller vacoules Has pores called stomata( plasmodesmata ) Has chloroplasts and made up carbohydrates

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Parts and Functions of Cell

Considered as the power house of the cell.:

Considered as the power house of the cell. Mitochondria

It is the control center of the cell:

It is the control center of the cell NUCLEUS

Protein factory of the cell, it synthesize proteins.:

Protein factory of the cell, it synthesize proteins. RIBOSOME

Digestive bag of the cell:

Digestive bag of the cell LYSOSOMES

Prepare proteins for transport:

Prepare proteins for transport ENDOPLASMIC RETICULUM

Sends protein to its target membrane:

Sends protein to its target membrane GOLGI COMPLEX

Encloses the cytoplasm:

Encloses the cytoplasm CELL membrane

Site of photosynthesis:

Site of photosynthesis Chloroplast

Encloses the plant cell:

Encloses the plant cell Cell wall

Pores in the plant cells:

Pores in the plant cells Stomata

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Laguna State Polytechnic University San Pablo City Campus Laguna Prepared by: Chona Zacarias Ronnel Perez Submitted to: Mr. Aldrin Dellosa

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