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Katherine Anne Rivera:

Katherine Anne Rivera Born 5-27-93 Time 10:15 Bloomington hospital Bloomington indiana Length 21 in Weight 9 lb 3 ½ oz

Family Photos:

Family Photos

1993 First big travel:

1993 First big travel July 1993 at 6 weeks old Trip to Aunt Amy's in New York

Niagara falls:

Niagara falls

Rennaissance festival:

Rennaissance festival Describe the main attributes of the product Link the product attributes to customer needs

Puerto Rico:

Puerto Rico

Indianapolis, Indiana indianapolis zoo:

Indianapolis, Indiana indianapolis zoo

Owensville, Indiana:

Owensville, Indiana Summarize the special features and advantages of the product being introduced

1994 Owensville, Indiana:

1994 Owensville, Indiana Explain the steps that now need to be taken

1995 Evansville, Indiana :

1995 Evansville, Indiana

moved to elkhart indiana ymca daycare swimming potawatomi zoo in southbend:

moved to elkhart indiana ymca daycare swimming potawatomi zoo in southbend Das dutchman essenhaus

moved to house 2331 prairie st elkhart indiana :

moved to house 2331 prairie st elkhart indiana Midwest museum of american art National new york railroad museum Pierre moran pool River walk Roosevelt school St Vincent Elkhart jazz festival

Slide 14:

moved to house 2331 prairie st elkhart indiana elkhart museum ukranian egg sledding with hot chocolate and banana bread, birds helping mom at school making prints going to work on saturdays with me coloring felt marker posters computer games birthday parties pink rhododendrums always bloomed at your birthday take treats to school, flavored milk and donuts painting on toast making letter breadsticks kids book of cooking natinal geographics going to library swimming at pierre moran pool picking out blue at humane society bird aviary for cockatiels brownies/ girl scouts singing talent show would you like to swing on a star talent show henry the worm afterschool classes pink schwinn bike roller skating fort/playground in backyard made secret hideaway under pine trees hotdog and smores in backyard fire pit trixie, toto, chewy,dagwood cat and blondie dog stray cats had kittens in garage eitelgorg museum halloween parties trips to chicago adler planetarium navy pier field museum zooshedds aquarium went with mel and megan movies loved to get slushy and popcorn took tracy and megan ashley to haunted house museum of science and industry in chicago zoobooks highlight magazine discovery channel play clarinet and bass clarinet fun on piano poems short stories won art contest sponsored online writing contests band

moved to dowagiac michigan snow snow snow ziggy:

moved to dowagiac michigan snow snow snow ziggy

Slide 16:

gardens/butterfly at observatory maybe

2006 Bloomington, Indiana:

2006 Bloomington, Indiana White river gardens butterfly exhibit Indianapolis zoo holiday Jazz choir

school at phillips academy andover massuchetts:

school at phillips academy andover massuchetts Knitting Fencing Coach basketball Voice lessons Rubiks cube Bass clarinet Upright bass Hanging out in george washington hall The blue stacks The great lawn Vocal classes Astronomy Electronic music Neurology The brain and you Human origins Metaphysical poetry Playwriting

Commencement June 3rd 2011:

Commencement June 3 rd 2011



Columbia University :

Columbia University

trip to canada trip to ireland:

trip to canada trip to ireland

Science Fair Science Olympiad:

Science Fair Science Olympiad

Family Photos:

Family Photos

Wonderlab 10/06 :

Wonderlab 10/06

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