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Getting Started with eChalk:

Getting Started with eChalk For Teachers

What is eChalk?:

What is eChalk? eChalk’s unique online learning environment provides your school with its own electronic “town square” where teachers, students, administrators, and parents can… COMMUNICATE COLLABORATE CONNECT …together.

As a teacher, eChalk enables you to::

As a teacher, eChalk enables you to: Keep parents and students up-to-date and accountable with important class information. Interact with students using safe and secure email, online class discussions, and surveys. Save time by using online publishing tools to post class activities, projects, and resources.

Using Your Online eChalk Community:

Using Your Online eChalk Community SCHOOL Your school’s homepage will feature important school news and announcements, upcoming events, faculty information, and school resources.

Using Your Online eChalk Community:

Teachers use eChalk Class Pages to provide anytime, anywhere access to homework assignments, project requirements, learning resources, and announcements. CLASSES Using Your Online eChalk Community

Using Your Online eChalk Community:

Using Your Online eChalk Community eChalk even enables the PTA, the library, student clubs, teams, and academic departments to participate in your school’s online community using eChalk Group Pages . GROUPS

eChalk Student-Safe Email Includes...:

Language filtering to eliminate inappropriate language (customized by your school/district) Spell-check Return receipts File attachments Forwarding eChalk Student-Safe  Email Includes... Screening to prevent undesirable incoming and outgoing emails (customized by your school/district) The ability to "close down" the system and allow emails only between certain groups within the schools or district

Private Tools for Students/Teachers:

Private Tools for Students/Teachers Students and parents can view assigned work and events for all of their classes in one place.

Private Tools for Students/Teachers:

Private Tools for Students/Teachers The Private Class Page enables students to view class events, tests, and quizzes; submit assignments; participate in online discussions; and access class resources.

Let’s Go!:

Let’s Go ! 1st Time Login ACCEPT user policy CREATE new password FINISH 1 2 3 Go to our school Web site: http:// ______________________________ Enter your username and temporary password to complete your… Be sure to write down your username and email address. Make sure you remember the new password you created!

What is an eChalk Profile?:

What is an eChalk Profile? An eChalk profile page is a personal Web page provided for each faculty & staff member in your school. Enter a short biography and/or personal message in your profile to share with parents and your school community.

My Email:

My Email MY EMAIL > Inbox You receive and read email in your Inbox . When you want to send an email to someone, click on Write Mail . To browse through your other email folders, click on Folders .

My Email:

My Email MY EMAIL > Options You can customize many aspects of your eChalk email account including auto-delete settings, auto-forwarding, a message signature, and auto-reply options. If your district provides its own email service, teachers can setup the Auto Forward option in their eChalk account.

My Account > Files:

My Account > Files MY ACCOUNT The My Account>Files area is your online file storage space or, “digital locker.” It allows you to store application files, such as Microsoft Word documents, spreadsheets, or PowerPoint presentations. You can access your files from any computer that is connected to the Internet.

My Account > Bookmarks:

My Account > Bookmarks MY ACCOUNT Have a favorite Website? Store that Website’s address (or “URL”) in eChalk. Your My Account>Bookmarks area allows you to keep those links in one place that you can access from any computer with access to the Internet.

My Account > Profile:

My Account > Profile MY ACCOUNT Faculty and staff can view and edit their biography, change their account password, and add a photo to their eChalk Profile in the My Account>Profile area.

My School:

My School View School News and Events! Find out what’s going on at your school! View school announcements, the school calendar , and participate in online discussions . Use the Find Members tool to locate and email other teachers and students in your school. Make sure you click each checkbox and click the Next button at the bottom of the page.

Using eChalk Class Pages:

Using eChalk Class Pages Uses for classes Creating my class Publishing content to my class Examples of classes

Teachers use eChalk Class Pages to…:

Teachers use eChalk Class Pages to… Keep parents and absent students up-to-date with important class information, Leave assignments and resources for substitute teachers, Interact with students via email, online class discussions, and surveys, and more…

eChalk Class Pages:

eChalk Class Pages Using eChalk Class Pages can help teachers… Easily manage curriculum resources & materials Enhance their curriculum with 21st Century learning tools Provide differentiated instruction Make learning targets clear to students Hold students accountable for developing good work habits Using eChalk Class Pages can help students… Develop good work habits Strengthen communication skills Actively participate in curriculum activities Utilize 21st Century resources for learning

Slide 21:

Creating a Class…1, 2, 3 Choose subject & visibility Enter class name & grades Review class member list 1 2 3 and FINISH Let’s Go!

Class Page Tools:

Class Page Tools Organize and publish assignments, projects, tests, quizzes, and more in the Work and Events area. Start online debates, host reading responses, or collaborate with other teachers in the Discussions area. Display class reminders and announcements in the Announcement area. Post your syllabus, relevant Web sites, student work, photos, and more in the Resources area.

What do teachers publish?:

Homework Course Description Syllabus Class News Links to Web sites Project information Policies and/or procedures Lesson plans Examples of student work OTHER EXAMPLES: eChalk Tips for Teachers Resources for a unit on food chains Scavenger hunt for a unit on food chains Surveys Student Artwork What do teachers publish?

Views of a Class Page:

3 different page layouts for an eChalk class page: PUBLIC VIEW Parents, students, or other individuals who do not have a username/password. MY CLASSES Teacher(s) of class Students who are members of class MY SCHOOL Other teachers and students in the school who are NOT members. Views of a Class Page

Slide 25:

The “ Public Class Page ” enables parents, students, and teachers to view online class page announcements, homework assignments, class events, and class resources without needing a username/password. Views of a Class Page

Slide 26:

TEACHER view – Class Homepage By clicking on the title of their class in My Classes , teachers can view their class homepage and add content. Views of a Class Page

Slide 27:

MY SCHOOL view – CLASS HOMEPAGE Other teachers and students who are NOT members of your class can also view your class in the MY SCHOOL area. Views of a Class Page

Slide 28:

MY CLASSES view Teachers and students can view assigned work and events for ALL of their classes in one place. Views of a Class Page


Questions? Remember--eChalk is completely Web-based ; you can access your eChalk account from any computer with Internet access! eChalk’s private intranet keeps your personal and class information secure. eChalk provides ongoing support : eChalk comes equipped with online help , the eChalk Support Center , screen tips and step-by-step handouts to help you navigate. Your school has a designated Site Manager to answer any other questions. Call 800-499-2741 or email eChalk Customer Support , [email protected] any weekday from 8 am to 7 pm EST.

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