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James Brady: The Assasination attempt and The Brady Campaign. By Brandon Edgar : 

James Brady: The Assasination attempt and The Brady Campaign. By Brandon Edgar

James Brady: Life and Work : 

James Brady: Life and Work Born In Centralia, Illinois August 29, 1940 Distinguished Eagle scout of Boy Scouts of America Graduated from the University of Illinois in 1962 with a degree in political science and communication Joined the public service as a staff member in the office of Senator Everett Dirksen In 1965 he was a faculty member at Southern Illinois University 1966 director of Legislation and Public affairs for the Illinois State Medical Society

James Brady in Washington : 

James Brady in Washington 1973 moved from Chicago to serve as Communications Consultant of U.S House of Representatives 1975 Special Assistant to Secretary of Housing 1976 Assistant to Secretary of Defense 1981 Assistant to President Reagan and White House Press Secretary

The Assassination Attempt of Ronald Reagan : 

The Assassination Attempt of Ronald Reagan

The Assassination Attempt of Ronald Reagan : 

The Assassination Attempt of Ronald Reagan

March 30, 1981 : 

March 30, 1981 1:45 pm-President Ronald Reagan gave a speech to AFL-CIO REPS at Washington Hilton Hotel 2:30 p.m-Reagan left hotel exit to his waiting car John Hinckley emerged from the crowd and fired a revolver 6 times in 3 seconds 1st bullet hit James Brady in the head 2nd hit police officer Thomas Delahanty 3rd overshot Reagan and hit a building 4th hit agent Timothy McCarthy 5th hit a bullet proof window in the President’s limousine, 6th hit the President’s limousine and bounced off the limo and hit Reagan's armpit and his lung.

March 30, 1981 : 

March 30, 1981

The Assassination Weapon : 

The Assassination Weapon 16 minutes after the attempt, ATF found the gun was purchased at a pawn shop in Dallas, TX 6 bullets contained illegal explosive charges All six bullets failed to explode

Attempted Assassin : 

Attempted Assassin

John Hinckley, Jr. : 

John Hinckley, Jr. Born in Ardmore, OK, May 29, 1955. Youngest of 3 children to wealthy parents Moved to Dallas, TX at age 4. President of 7th and 9th grade class 1973 he enrolled at Texas Tech University 1976 dropped out and moved to California to become a song writer

Taxi Driver Obsession : 

Taxi Driver Obsession Hinckley saw the movie Taxi Driver 15 times in the summer of 1976 and became obsessed with actress Jodie Foster

Hinckley Jr. Continued : 

Hinckley Jr. Continued 1980 enrolled in Yale University where Jodie Foster was a student Sent her letters and spoke with her on the phone Hinckley believed Jodie would" respect and love” him by assassinating the President of the United stated March 29, 1981 Hinckley checked into Washington Hotel March 30, 1981 wrote letter to Jodie describing plan to assassinate President Reagan March 31, 1981 immediately arrested after assassination attempt

President Following the Assassination Attempt : 

President Following the Assassination Attempt President Reagan driven in Presidential limousine to George Washington University Hospital Told his wife” Honey, I forgot to duck.” In the operation room Reagan said “ Please tell me you’re all Republicans.” The Democratic doctor replied “Were all Republicans today.”

James Brady : 

James Brady Shot in the head in the attempted assassination Taken immediately to the hospital for surgery CBS news reports that Brady had died Had therapy to try to get him to move again Was partially paralyzed for life

The Brady Campaign : 

The Brady Campaign James and Sarah Brady have spent their lives campaigning for gun control Brady Campaign emerged from Handgun Control, Inc (HCI) Sarah Brady joins HCI in 1985, became chair in 1989 HCI renamed the Brady Campaign to prevent gun violence in honor of the Bradys

Brady Campaign & The Brady Center : 

Brady Campaign & The Brady Center Both Non-Profit organizations working to regulate gun ownership Brady Campaign works to pass legislation while the Brady Center uses education to prevent gun violence. “Million Mom March” Rally on Mothers Day, May 14, 2000. 750,000 gather at National Mall to support Brady Campaign. Today, chapters throughout America promote restrictions on private ownership of firearms.

The Brady Law : 

The Brady Law 1993 Bill Clinton signed the Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act. 7 year effort by James and Sarah Brady as part of HCI and the Brady Campaign. Bill requires a 5 day waiting period for and background check on handgun purchases.

The Brady Law Results : 

The Brady Law Results

Brady Campaign Poster : 

Brady Campaign Poster

Credits : 

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