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SO WHAT IS TRAFFIC ? Whenever a Person visits your Internet site, that is viewed as Traffic.

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Social media are the best medium for increasing traffic towards websites. For that you need to prepare unique and killing content for your blog or your website for diverting traffic.


1. CONTENT:- 2. NETWORKING:- IT is simple to understand that people follow people with similar interests.These people are on all kinds of social media sites including Delicious,Digg, Stumble upon, Twitter etc . THE success secret to any social media campaign is content. First observe and analyze what kind of content people like. 3. SHARING:- Now that you've got great content, it is time to market it . Share your content on your Face book,Twitter,Google+ Accounts. 4. CONSISTENCY This is the area most people fail. People subscribe to something because they want to get regular updates.If you fail to provide content consistently, your network will fade and your audience numbers will drop. 5.VIDEO:- Video is very popular with the online crowd and if you want to advertise your website or products this is how to increase website traffic

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Four Considerations in Choosing a Social Media Site: - Below we will discuss some of the most popular social media sites in terms of their effectiveness as marketing tools to generate leads and increase sales. Face book:- Because Face book is the highest ranking social media site in the world it should be able to draw more leads to your business solely by its huge number of fans . Twitter:- Twitter provides similar marketing benefits as Face book but ranks higher with regard to search engines friendliness so may generate a bit more organic traffic to your Web site. YouTube:- YouTube allows you to post a video of your marketing message so provides a powerful tool to promote your brand generate feedback. Linked In:- Linked In is tends to be more of a personal branding tool.

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