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Donor Identification:

Donor Identification Kenny Personett Anna Mahoney Bai Yang Brittany Duncan


Introduction Background Information Research Secular Liberalism and Natural Law Our Proposal

Background Information:

Background Information Should MO require identifying information from donors? Terms: Non-Identifying Information: medical or biographical information such as physical description, nationality, religious background, medical history. Identifying Information: name, date of birth, place of birth, last known address

Secular Liberalism and Natural Law:

Secular Liberalism and Natural Law Natural Law Supports identity disclosure Secular Liberalism Does not support identity disclosure


Research Adoption law in the United States The effects of anonymous vs. open adoption The effects of mandating donors to provide identifying information Compiled summary of legal action by the US and other countries regarding   identity disclosure.


Research Terms Open Adoption: When the biological parents and adoptive parent have each other’s identities (Grimm). Closed Adoption: When another family adopts an infant and the information of both parties is not disclosed (Grimm).

State Legislation On Open & Closed Adoption:

State Legislation On Open & Closed Adoption AD= adoptee AP= adoptive parent BP= birth parent BS= birth sibling (Grimm)

Advantages and Disadvantages of Closed Adoption:

Advantages and Disadvantages of Closed Adoption Advantages for Birth Parents Sense of closure Privacy Reduced fear Disadvantages for Birth Parents Dealing with grief, denial, guilt, abandonment, and lack of information Advantages for Adoptive Family Family freedom Absence of boundaries Disadvantages for Adoptive Family Increased denial and fear Limited medical history Less control Advantages for Adopted Child Absence of boundaries Protection from unstable birth families Disadvantages for Adopted Child Identity confusion Preoccupation with adoption issues Limited Information (National)

Effects of Open vs. Closed Adoption:

Effects of Open vs. Closed Adoption Open Stress and confusion Balancing rights and interests of those involved Closed Secrecy Medical Information Psychological problems

Effects of Mandating Identifying and Non-Identifying Information:

Effects of Mandating Identifying and Non-Identifying Information Facts UK 1990 Human Fertilization Embryology Act Donors

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