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Information Technology Services Strategic Directions 2003 - 05 Approach and Proposal “Charting Our Course”

Agenda : 

Agenda Review ITS Strategic Directions Review investment requirements Feedback and Discussion

Overview : 

Overview This presentation outlines ITS strategic directions for 2003 - 05 and includes: ITS Vision in support of UCSC goals Strategic Initiatives Critical Success Factors Investment Summary

UCSC Goals for ITS : 

UCSC Goals for ITS Reduced Costs Reduced Risks Capture Strategic Opportunities

Our Vision of the “New World” : 

Our Vision of the “New World” Faster, better, lower cost access to information & services Cost effective portfolio of IT services Standards that enable efficiencies & collaboration Highly responsive to customer needs “Just in time, just for me” portal applications Protected and secure IT assets Campus wide confidence in ITS IT integral component in campus planning processes

The IT Transformation Process : 

Portal Security Network & Wireless Data Center Instructional Technology ITS Organization Transformation IT Service Consolidation How we get there: Comprehensive commitment to, and investment in: Infrastructure Organization The IT Transformation Process

ITS Strategic Projects : 

ITS Strategic Projects Portal Directory Web Services UCSC Portal Email Security Internal Audit Response Disaster Recovery Security Risk Management Access Policy Design Network Wireless Rate Model CCU Priorities New Building Requirements Telecom Plan Data Center UPS/Generator Server Racks Instructional Technology Labs Classrooms Course Redesign ITS Organization Project Management Office Space Planning Communications Incident Management IT Service Consolidation Servers Work Station Support Application Development Databases Web Development

Portal : 

Portal Components Directory Web Services UCSC Portal Email Objectives Eliminate redundancy of web site management Self supporting tool set that focuses on content rather than delivery Service aggregation for virtual communities Membership in multiple virtual communities Leverage existing AIS infrastructure investment in PeopleSoft Provide single point of contact to key services & information Key Benefits Promotes standard processes, ease of use Deploy applications to broad audiences quickly Promotes relationships between various constituencies Reduces cost by promoting 70/20/10 self service model Reduced costs by consolidating distributed web servers Investment Onetime $2,209,000 Ongoing $2,002,000

Security : 

Security Components Internal Audit Response Disaster Recovery Security Risk Management Objectives Implement security standards Reduce overall risk exposure Respond to increased attack threat levels Meet increased regulatory compliance requirements Benefits Security (prevent theft or destruction of data & services) Confidence in recovery after loss Regulatory compliance Cost avoidance Cost reduction Investment Onetime $740,000 Ongoing: $560,000

Network & Wireless : 

Network & Wireless Components Wireless access Rate Model CCU Priorities New Building Requirements Telecom/Network Plan Objectives Deploy 200 wireless access points in 2004 Provide reliable, secure, network access Create more “instructional space” (enable existing space) Benefits Reduced costs over physical wiring Better use of campus facilities Improved flexibility of instructional delivery Reduced cost of lab operations High-speed network access for research Investment One-time: $4,130,000 On-going: $290,000

Data Center : 

Data Center Components UPS Generator Server racks Objectives Create the robust, reliable infrastructure required to support ITS service offerings including server, application, and database hosting. Meet Fire Safety codes Benefits Reduced costs and number of distributed servers Higher security, reliability Investment One-time: $1,200,000 On-going: $100,000

Instructional Technology : 

Instructional Technology Components Labs Course Redesign Classroom Upgrades & Space Planning Objectives Identify course areas that could benefit from course redesign Specify evaluation criteria for learning performance Create cost / benefit model for course redesign Create distance learning applications Benefits Supports innovative teaching, learning Improved learning outcomes Sustainable lab infrastructure Improved instructional space Reduced costs Increased capacity Investment One-time : $500,000 On-going: $650,000

ITS Organization : 

ITS Organization Components Project Management Office Space Planning Communications / Support Incident Management Objectives Increase completion of projects on time & on budget Project management expertise, training, and tools Appropriate work space for all staff Deliver effective, timely communications Benefits Reduced costs due to overruns & project failures Improved estimation, budgeting accuracy Increased efficiency of co-locating staff Creative synergy & team building Improved collaboration Faster assimilation of change Investment One-time: $812,000 On-going: $618,000

IT Service Consolidation : 

IT Service Consolidation Components Servers Work Station Support Application Development Databases Web Development Special Purpose Student Labs Objectives / Benefits Improve the delivery of IT services to campus Increases efficiencies Reduces overall costs Frees resources for use on other projects Provides ability to set and enforce standards Critical Success Factors Strong support from campus leadership Implement thoughtful Change Management Processes Investment One-time: TBD On-going: TBD

Critical Success Factors : 

Critical Success Factors Vesting of authority in ITS to : Develop a new Service Delivery Model Establish standards & enforcement mechanisms Consolidate certain distributed IT services, functions Control redundant “shadow” systems as appropriate. Commitment to campus wide collaboration by ITS leadership Use of Service Level Agreements (SLAs) to ensure that IT services meet a preset standard of performance Governance by ITC to ensure that ITS actions are consistent with the needs of the University Adequate funding model and approval of ITS budget Customer centric attitude

Investment Summary* : 

Investment Summary* One-Time On Going FTE Portal 2,202,000 $1,447,000 14.7 Security 735,000 556,000 2.0 Network & Wireless 3,910,000 294,000 3.0 Data Center 1,200,000 100,000 0 Instructional Tech 500,000 647,000 0 IT Organization 812,000 618,000 5.9 Total $9,359,000 $3,662,000 25.6 * Net new investment

Key Messages : 

Key Messages It’s all about infrastructure All projects are necessary Divisional Service consolidation transforms ITS service delivery ITS’ entire focus is on: Reducing Costs Reducing Risks Capturing Strategic Opportunities

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