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Always ready to answer:

Always ready to answer Division presents

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Weekend warriors gather for training maneuvers .

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They exercise skills for combat.

Slide 6:

Always there. Always ready to answer the call of duty.

Slide 8:

More than just weekend warriors, they are ready to respond.

Slide 10:

Providing security at home.

Slide 12:

Domestic disaster relief.

Slide 14:

While Combating terrorism abroad.

Slide 16:

Jesus commissioned his disciples to serve like a mighty army.

Slide 17:

Go ye therefore and teach all nations…

Slide 18:

He trained them for 3-½ years like soldiers in boot camp.

Slide 19:

Follow me…

Slide 20:

They learned Combat Communication,

Slide 21:

Thy will be done…

Slide 22:

Commitment with an Oath of Allegiance,

Slide 23:

I am with you always…

Slide 24:

Skillful use of the sword to Present Arms,

Slide 25:

Take up thy cross…

Slide 26:

Unity to preach a Kingdom Cadence.

Slide 27:

The kingdom of heaven is at hand…

Slide 28:

Through difficulties they learned to Overcome Obstacles.

Slide 29:

Why do you doubt?

Slide 30:

Facing the enemy they engaged in Hand to Hand Combat.

Slide 31:

He was wounded…

Slide 32:

Their commission was to execute the ultimate Guard Duty.

Slide 33:

Upon this rock I will build… Upon this rock I will build…

Slide 34:

Daily in the temple and house to house they preached Christ.

Slide 36:

Following in their footsteps Christians continue training.

Slide 38:

The Gospel Guard mission:

Slide 39:

1. Defend the Gospel of Christ.

Slide 41:

By establishing Believers Boot Camps for training.

Slide 43:

2. Deploy Guardians of His Citizens.

Slide 45:

Provide assistance to relief efforts.

Slide 47:

3. Destroy the Government of Captivity.

Slide 49:

Spreading the Gospel message to all men everywhere.

Slide 51:

More than just weekend warriors,

Slide 53:

Members of the Gospel Guard are always ready to answer.

Slide 55:

But sanctify the Lord God in your hearts: and be ready always to give an answer to every man that asketh you a reason of the hope that is in you with meekness and fear… 1 Peter 3:15

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Join the Gospel Guard today! Find us on Facebook. Song: Let your Kingdom Come by Sovereign Grace Music

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