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Is the Market Preventing You From Buying a Home Now? : 

Is the Market Preventing You From Buying a Home Now?

Have you been turned down for a mortgage? : 

Have you been turned down for a mortgage? Many people who qualified for a mortgage a few months ago are being turned down now because the banks have drastically changed their criteria. Even if you have a good income and a down payment you may still be turned down to buy a home!

But We Have Good News! : 

But We Have Good News! There is a demand for alternative methods of financing Because banks and mortgage companies are turning down so many people like you These are not new strategies These strategies have been ignored for years, however, because most people like you could easily get conventional (bank) financing. We’d like to tell you more about these methods.

Bank Financing is Not Necessary! : 

Bank Financing is Not Necessary! You can actualize your dreams of owning a home without using a bank or mortgage company. You no longer need to go through lengthy application processes which require financial statements, bank statements, tax returns, proof of residency, or proof of US citizenship.

Do You Qualify? : 

Do You Qualify? If you can show that you have an income which will support the monthly payments, and you have a small down payment, you can move into your new home much faster than you ever imagined.

Are You Self Employed? : 

Are You Self Employed? No Problem! We understand how difficult it is to be approved by a bank if you are self-employed. If you have: Sufficient income, and You have money saved for a down payment We can help you buy a home.

How Do We Do This? : 

How Do We Do This? The Real Estate market today is so depressed that Sellers are willing to negotiate in order to sell their homes. Many of these home owners have come to us asking for the best strategy to sell their homes. We show them they can sell their home in one of 3 ways: Lease-Option Contract for Deed Conventional financing if the seller is willing to carry a second mortgage

What is a Lease Option? : 

What is a Lease Option? Lease Option is a simple arrangement between the seller and the buyer: The buyer deposits a small down payment. The amount of the down payment depends on the size, location and the value of the property. It can be anywhere from $5000 to $15,000. Once the down payment is made and the first month’s rent is paid, you get the keys and move in. From that point on, it is your responsibility to maintain the property and make the monthly payment. The down payment is not refundable. This is considered an option fee.

Lease Option [2] : 

Lease Option [2] The Option fee gives you: the first right of refusal to buy this property. This means that you have the first option to buy this property (the seller cannot go behind your back and sell it to someone else). However, once you have lived in this home for awhile under the lease option agreement, and you decide this home is not for you, you just notify the seller in writing and you are not obligated to go through with the purchase of the home.

What is Contract for Deed? : 

What is Contract for Deed? Also called a ‘Land Contract’. It is an actual purchase. With this method, you have decided already that you definitely want to buy this house. It is your house. You are responsible for all the: taxes, insurance, and other expenses of home ownership.

Contract for Deed [2] : 

Contract for Deed [2] You do not get the mortgage from the bank. The seller is acting like the bank with a legal contract drawn up. You make monthly payments to the seller. At the end of a specified period of time, you arrange for another type of financing so the owner is paid the full purchase amount. The monthly payments you make go toward the purchase price. The deed for the property is filed in your name, just like with a mortgage.

What If the Bank Approves Me for SOME of the Mortgage? : 

What If the Bank Approves Me for SOME of the Mortgage? This is the third method for owning a home. The bank may approve you for part of the home’s price and the seller can agree to take a note for the balance. For example, lets say the price of the home is $100,000, and you have a $20,000 down payment. The bank approves you for a loan of $60,000. This leaves you $20,000 short. The seller can agree to loan you the $20,000, as a second loan on the property. You would then make payments to the bank on the bank’s loan, and you would make payments to the seller on the seller’s loan.

How Can We Help You? : 

How Can We Help You? Our team has over 30 years experience in helping buyers just like you achieve the dream of home ownership. Home are available in the Dallas area. Sellers need to sell. No longer is there any reason why you can’t own a home of your very own.

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Why rent when you can have your very own home? This is your opportunity to live the dream of being a homeowner!

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You can get a home now. We can help. Millions of people have used these methods over the years.

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If you are serious about buying a home NOW, fill out the form below. You CAN own a home – Now.

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