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Frito  Idol  Award  Winners  (Q1’11) Consistent Customer Delight Celebrating our STARS…

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Lead The Second Curve J Murali Krishnan, K Venkat Ramesh | South RO In Bangalore, distributors had pending claims for as long back as 2 years. This was putting pressure on the sales team due to follow ups and dissatisfaction among distributors. The commercial team set up a claims helpdesk for two days in the Bangalore office. Distributors were informed and all details and documents were made available. The team agreed on the amounts due, took NDC on the spot, and also sought approvals for credit notes from finance controllers. A perfect example of Customer Delight to distributors.

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Spot Award Winners Richa Periwal | Kolkata Plant Kolkata Plant was entitled to waiver of electricity duty for a period of 5 years. As the West Bengal Govt was under debt and due to documentation involved, refund of Rs 17 MM was pending since 2006. Richa got departmental formalities completed and with active support from PepsiCo Senior Management met various senior officers of the West Bengal Govt to keep the pressure on for the release of the amount. Her efforts ensured 100% receipt of the dues despite the fact that the West Bengal Govt is under debt burden and release of money to most of the companies has been stopped. This also ensured India Foods delivered there NOPBT target for Q1'2011 during a tough period. Niranjan Barick, Ramesh Kumar | North RO In the absence of RLM, managing the complex modern trade supply chain was a big issue. Niranjan worked proactively to act as the bridge between the sales team and the Logistics head. He ensured that relevant delivery vehicle approvals are taken on time and appointment timings of the customer are adhered to. His efforts ensured that the stock deliveries at the customer point happened on time & Frito Lay's rightful share of space is maintained. Vimal Agarwal, Satish Narayanan, P B Vishwanathan, Saginderpal Singh Bindra, Lokesh Pandey | BU Certain food products were about to come under excise regime. It was a huge challenge to comply with the excise norms as gap between date of notification and effective date was less than 12 hours . Delay would have resulted in stoppage of dispatches, production downtime & impacted sales. The control team proactively engaged with the SAP team to identify areas of financial impact and design systems. They also aligned all stakeholders. Necessary legal details were shared to complete compliance formalities. As a result, dispatches resumed under excise regime within 2 hours of down time with no impact on production and business. This was done without incurring any additional costs - pure customer delight.

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Bhupender Kaushik | North RO The challenge was to deal with the COPC process for the top customers while also handling the support for the North OT team in absence of their resource. Bhupender already had the expertise in doing the COPC bit. However he adapted remarkably to the need of the OT team. He ensured that there was no roadblock in the billing of any of the customers in north while doing his COPC duties with utmost perfection. Any data/ support needed by the sales team was provided without any hiccups. Bhupender's efforts ensured that the north team achieved its AOP for the first quarter. Manvinder Singh Chadha | North RO Manvinder's territory was degrowing. There were a large number of uncovered towns. Manvinder worked flawlessly by identifying the uncovered towns and sub-stockiests. He appointed 17 new spokes and improved coverage across the territory. Due to his efforts, Jhajjar territory grew by 47% and also resulted in good ROI for the stockiests. Shivshankar Kashinath Tekale, Balkrishna Gupta, Devendra Patidar | Pune Plant KKR & TWZ lines in Pune plant were facing inconsistency in seasoning applications. Shivshankar understood the problem & installed a PLC based seasoning applicator along with weighing arrangements. He further, got this validated from the quality department. As a result of his actions, both lines are now running with the new seasoning system with definite consistency of seasoning.

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Gyanendra Singh| North RO There was a degrowth in Pataudi territory which was handled by Gyanendra. He worked tirelessly, identified the uncovered towns and appointed 7 brand new spokes. As a result of his efforts, Pautadi territory grew by 37% and led to the formation of the country's first Rs. 50 Lac super stockiest. Sumesh Kumar Sharma | North RO The challenge at hand was to manage a degrowing territory and also establish a separate rural market. Sumesh provided all the support and guidance to his team to deal with the situation. The team worked on his inputs and managed to appoint 5 new super stockiests with an agenda to cover 173 uncovered towns. They worked flawlessly to open 110 towns as a result of which the territory started growing by 35% and all new super-stockiests started earning good ROIs. Somnath Musle | Pune Plant Handling store (PM stores, RM stores and Flavor stores) operations was an issue as the store executive had resigned. Somnath took this up as a challenge. He effectively handled daily receiving, SAP activities and physical store audits which were weekly/ monthly activities. Further on, he also ensured stock availability during external stock audit, well closed months without any major stock issues. He handled scrap dealers so effectively that no non conformance was noticed during HACCP audit as well. Somnath's delightful work led to no NC's during any audits.

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Rahul Mandhare | Pune Plant In PC line of Pune Plant, flavor efficiency & coverage was low. Rahul did a fine tuning and setting of the process based on the feedback given to him. As a result of his actions, seasoning coverage got improved and there was an improvement in flavor efficiency from 0.5% to 1%. H. Asifdeen | South RO There was an opportunity in Pondicherry to stabilize a distributor-Vasari Agency, in terms of business & infrastructure. Asifdeen planned & implemented systems at the distributor point in the beginning of the year and also, convinced the distributor to invest in an additional vehicle. The distributor also constructed an 800sq ft godown for us. His efforts were successful in achieving MTD growth of 36% on volumes & values in Vasari agency. The distributor is now more committed to the business and is high on motivation. Satish Sharma| North RO Satish was handling two territories simultaneously as Chandigarh headquarter was vacant. The role required effective customer management and the territory was spread over a large span of about 250 Kms. He managed to get some good deals like Army orders, Kiosk at a tough BPO account and also ensured supply at the time of world cup matches in Mohali. By ensuring that imperatives for both territories were met, Satish set a good example of consistent customer delight.

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Shashwat Badoni, Bhavna Bhaskar, Satyam Gupta, Pankaj Tripathi, Kirti Mandhyan, Rinki Sharma, Manoj Sachdeva, Mahesh Singh | BU Lehar Foods was set up in Oct, there was a critical need to fasten operating requirements and processes for the business. A project team was constituted to work on this project. The team understood the requirements and delivered a robust business plan which got approved by the Region and Sector. They coordinated well with the extended Frito Lays team and the new recruits of Lehar Foods. The team worked flawlessly- from starting hiring, developing new products, setting up the GTM to getting new Co-Packs while setting up new IT systems and processes- it was stellar work done. The team ensured that The Lehar Foods business has got off to a very sound start in 2011while also putting in place a strong foundation for the future. Abhinesh V.K | South RO In Calicut, manpower was critical, there was a huge opportunity for the sales team to be market leaders by ensuring good connect between PSR's & distributors. Abhinesh conducted regular gate meetings with PSR's and reduced the man-day losses initially. Then he conducted a get together for all PSRs in Ooty which was a real delight for them. As a result of his efforts, attrition rate is zero for PSR's in Calicut now and the PSRs feel a deeper connect with PepsiCo. Sachin Kashinath Patkar | Pune Plant In Pune plant, quality in Kurkure was inconsistent basis occurrence of flakes, bits, less collate length, roughness etc on both KKR 1 and 2 lines. Sachin worked out a tracking system of extruder and FPR wise parts change. He worked closely with the manufacturing and engineering teams to implement the system as per desired frequency. Results have delighted everyone as the plant has started producing excellent Kurkure collate quality which is regarded as one of the best in all three plants.

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Mahendra Chougule, Tukaram Budhawant | Pune Plant In Pune, Directorate Of Industrial Health and Safety (DISH ) had issued notice to all Industries to conduct Safety Mock Drills. This would be monitored by external auditors who would give assessment and certification for plant preparedness in managing an emergency or unsafe situation. Mahendra and Budhawant took the initiative and designed a scenario for conducting a Mock Drill. They selected the hazardous area i.e. LPG tank and fire scenario. They imparted training and on-site practice to plant fire-fighters. The Mock Drill plan was documented and shared. This resulted in flawless execution of the actual Mock Drill exercise in front of Govt Authorities and safety experts who certified our Plant with the Best Safety Status amongst all other plants in the area. Santosh Kumar Mishra | West RO The task was to mobilize Maharashtra team and prepare them for a strategic UC launch. Santosh organized 5 sales conferences where he motivated large groups of customers and associates and explained to them the objectives and the individual benefits. Then he rallied with the region core team and the field team. The conference mobilized the field team and gave them necessary energy. The team successfully executed FAC and UC launch resulted in ROM touching 20's growth after 5 years.

Congratulations to one and all!:

Congratulations to one and all!

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