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At A2N Academy, we provide one of the most comprehensive Selenium Testing course which covers Selenium WebDriver, Selenium Grid, Selenium IDE, managing IFrames, Alerts, and the Modal Dialog box. This Selenium Certification course will teach you how to operate your automation environment using Selenium-supported plugins such as TestNG Framework, Robot Class, Cucumber, and Gherkin. Learn how to utilize popular automation frameworks including the Data-Driven Framework, Keyword-Driven Framework, Hybrid Framework, and Behaviour Driven Development (BDD) Framework.


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Bestsellers At A2N Academy we provide one of the most comprehensive Selenium Testing course which covers Selenium WebDriver Selenium Grid Selenium IDE managing IFrames Alerts and the Modal Dialog box. This Selenium Certi몭 cation course will teach you how to operate your automation environment using Selenium- supported plugins such as TestNG Framework Robot Class Cucumber and Gherkin. Learn how to utilize popular automation frameworks including the Data-Driven Framework Keyword-Driven Framework Hybrid Framework and Behaviour Driven Development BDD Framework. Java fundamentals Test automations scope Selenium IDE for test scenarios Techniques for locating Selenium WebDriver TestNG Automation Framework with Selenium Grid Selenium Testing Course Live Classes  Call / Whatsapp +91 9845366616  Home Courses Selenium Testing Course   Get a free Demo Class Live demo classes available with trainer Name Email Contact number City Submit Quick Enquiry Login Sign up 

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Curriculum Batch Timings Bene몭 ts Reviews Internship Career Opportunities FAQs Course Duration 1.5 months Course fee Contact for price Placements 100 placement support Internship 2 Months IT Internship Details of Selenium Testing Course We focus on developing the fundamentals of Selenium and its various components such as Selenium WebDriver Selenium Grid and Selenium IDE in candidates through our Selenium testing course which uses a learning-by-doing approach and will learn to work with various web elements locating strategies perform actions on web elements group and sequence tests with the goal of nurturing applications. In addition by developing Page Class and Page Factory this Selenium testing course will expose you to the Page Object Model POM design pattern which will help you optimize the execution of your automation scripts. Youll be ready for any testing environment if you have hands-on expertise with Automation Frameworks like Data-Driven Framework Keyword- Driven Framework Hybrid Framework and BDD Framework. Course Curriculum A2N Academy makes a di몭 erence in the lives of candidates by delivering online Selenium testing course and the highest possible remuneration for entry-level Selenium Tester Selenium Automation Engineer or Selenium Analyst positions. Every piece of advice we 24x7 Available Whatsapp/Call: +91 9845366616 Dont Worry We dont spam you

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provide applicants will help them improve their Selenium abilities and our Real-World Projects will allow you to learn more about Automation Frameworks like Data-Driven Framework and the internet business all while enhancing your CV and gaining corporate exposure. Once you have 몭 nished your Selenium testing certi몭 cation course the academy will assist you in 몭 nding well- paying employment. You will be working on real-life industrial use cases during this online Instructor-led Selenium Training and also assist in receiving high-paying jobs with reputable 몭 rms. With the help of Selenium-enabled plugins such as the TestNG Framework the Robot class Cucumber and Gherkin you will learn how to operate your automation system. Learn how to use popular automation frameworks like the Data-Driven Framework and the BDD Framework for Keyword-Driven Framework. This course gives you a strong insight into Selenium WebDriver various modules and prepares you for writing selenium automation tests. Prerequisites for a Selenium course are as follows: To get started with this Selenium testing course you only need a basic understanding of Core Java. This Selenium Certi몭 cation course begins with a review of Core Java and the explanation of essential concepts. Basic HTML CSS and XML expertise will be advantageous. Because IT businesses do not demand a degree or certi몭 cation our online Selenium testing course is open to anybody with a basic understanding of computers. Candidates with a B.E. B.Tech. or Diploma degree may apply based on their quali몭 cations since this would enhance their chances of landing a job with a reputable IT business. The following are some of the additional bene몭 ts of taking an online Selenium course: Our advanced online Selenium Course will assist you in obtaining employment with well-known IT 몭 rms all around the world and we guarantee that both job seekers and current employees will bene몭 t from these online Selenium courses. All of your Selenium questions will be answered in our online course. Selenium WebDriver Selenium Grid Selenium IDE managing IFrames Alerts and the Modal Dialog box are just a few of the topics we cover. Entry-level analysts and Testers can work as Selenium Tester Selenium Automation Engineer or Selenium Analyst after completing this online Selenium course. Our online Selenium testing training may be bene몭 cial to you

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because we understand how the IT industry works. We can assist you in gaining the required business experience for a career in information technology. The Selenium course will aid in the organization of your studies as well as educate you on how to connect with clients. In our online Selenium course candidates will learn Automation Frameworks like Data-Driven Framework Keyword-Driven Framework Hybrid Framework and BDD Framework. We can help you with day-to-day tasks as well as teach you cutting-edge industrial applications. Our academy will teach you how to use technologies that will make testing and managing code easier for you. By enabling professionals to teach and help candidates at each level of Real-Time projects we ensure that applicants are aware of the di몭 culties they will face in the IT sector. Today most businesses prefer to use open-source automated testing solutions to save the cost and time associated with manual testing. One such open- source automated testing tool for websites is Selenium. If you take this Selenium testing course youll be able to connect with a variety of job networks. We also provide practice interviews and examinations to help candidates gain con몭 dence. Following your Selenium course we will o몭 er you the chance to work as an intern in an IT 몭 rm to gain relevant industry experience. Enroll now to learn how to become a pro몭 cient Selenium Analyst. Career opportunities and salary range after Selenium testing course completion Our online Selenium training is tailored to each candidates speci몭 c requirements. Selenium outperforms all other automation tools in terms of performance execution speed and browser interaction. Selenium is the most popular automation testing tool because of the test packages unattended execution modes and the 몭 exibility to write test scripts in any language supported by Selenium. The best aspect about this Selenium online course is that it ensures job placement with IT software and testing companies. The following roles are open to those who have completed online Selenium MOOCs: Selenium Tester Selenium Automation Engineer Selenium Analyst Selenium also supports a variety of operating systems as well as

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programming languages such as Python Pearl Ruby PHP.NET C and Java as well as numerous browsers making it the most popular automation testing tool. Selenium engineers with less experience may expect to earn between INR 4 and INR 6 lakhs per year while those with more experience can expect to earn up to INR 15 lakhs per year. Depending on the job function expertise kind of labor city and other variables this may vary by industry. Visit this page for more information about salaries. Download Our Course Syllabus Batch Timings Start here and choose the one that is the best for you. Student discounts available Call or Whatsapp : +91 9845366616 or Contact us Note All the Timing are in IST for International Student Timing may varry contact us for more details NO BATCHES ARE FOUND. BATCH STARTING Course Price at ₹15000 ₹ 20000 25 OFF Enroll Now Duration Course Bene몭 ts A2N Academys Selenium testing course has been updated to match industry requirements with the goal of improving applicants technical abilities through live lectures and real-world projects and so prepare them for a career in the area. Real-time projects Live Instructor-led training

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As part of your Selenium training you will be able to improve and refresh your abilities by working on real-world projects. Learn engage and grow by directly interacting with the trainer Internship Programs Learn apply and surpass by putting your theoretical knowledge into practice in the commercial world once youve completed your Selenium testing course. Placement assistance You may obtain career advice and job placement aid for a variety of jobs with a Selenium Certi몭 cation. Resume Building and Mock Interview Session Our experts will assist you in improving your pro몭 le and scheduling practice interviews. Flexible schedule Begin your Selenium course at your own pace with the help of a knowledgeable instructor. Enhance your professional network Make industry contacts to improve your chances of landing a Selenium job. Certi몭 cation and Recommendation letter After completing the Selenium testing course youll get a certi몭 cate of completion and a letter of recommendation.

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LIKED OUR STUDENT REVIEWS Join with us and step into IT Industries Student Reviews Hear what our students have to say about us after course completion Name Education Course Designation Placed in My internships and interviews bene몭 ted greatly from the real-time projects I worked on. Without the Selenium training I would never be so con몭 dent. I appreciate the academys support in assisting me in obtaining employment.   Contact Us Industrial Internship CAREER OPPORTUNITY Through our extensive Selenium testing training we provide a range of internship opportunities allowing you to gain practical experience while also preparing for the job. Internships are o몭 ered for at least two months. Put all youve learned to good use and put your skills to the test. If you want to work in the IT industry you need to seek expert assistance. Start With Free Career Counselling

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FAQs The Selenium Training is meant to teach developers and manual testers how to use a comprehensive framework to automate web applications and incorporate it into an organizations DevOps operations. What is selenium testing training + Learning Selenium is not di몭 cult but it does need excellent discipline and a smart road map in order to master it quickly. In order to study automated testing with Selenium one should focus on four things: Java Selenium Webdriver TestNg and Frameworks. Is Selenium testing course easy to learn + The A2N Academy’s Selenium Course is a hands-on training course for test professionals who want to learn how to use Selenium WebDriver to develop web application tests. How can I get selenium testing course certi몭 cation +

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After completing the course participants will be able to create and execute Selenium WebDriver tests independently. If you truly want to study Selenium it is quite simple to do so. You may learn it in one to two months with A2N Academy if you concentrate correctly. You should be familiar with the fundamental ideas of any programming language such as Java Python PHP and others. How long does it take to learn selenium testing course + It has a number of advantages including compatibility cost-e몭 ectiveness and speed. Selenium is still seen as a potential automated testing tool for the future for a variety of reasons. Open-Source Unrestricted: It is built on an open-source framework that anybody may download. What is the future of selenium testers after completing selenium testing course + Our support team is accessible 24 hours a day and is permanent. During and after the Selenium Certi몭 cation course the friendly sta몭 will help you resolve queries. How are my queries responded to post selenium testing course certi몭 cation + This Selenium training includes: What additional knowledge is provided with the Selenium testing course Certi몭 cation +

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In-depth understanding of concepts like WebDriver TestNG Wait locating methods AutoIT Sikuli page design mobile testing and selenium grid. A project for the creation and reporting of test automation for an electronics application. Although Selenium like all other instruments requires a lot of technical expertise from the tester and know-how regarding use of tools from third parties for a number of years it has nevertheless been able to control the market. Selenium can be used and used at the GUI level incredibly easily. Is Selenium testing course still relevant + Selenium has a wide and active user community with full support. This makes the gadget very resourceful and economical. Regardless of having many tools on the market selenium was still regarded by many test projects as the top choice. Why is the selenium testing course so popular +  The most popular open-source automation and freeware tool is Selenium. Selenium has enormous advantages for test automation. It provides recording and playback for web applications testing and can execute numerous scripts across di몭 erent browsers. This is very important. Why is selenium used for testing + Do you have any other query

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Submit Your Query Course Certi몭 cation With A2N youll gain a wide range of real-time project and activity experience which will come in handy in the corporate world. Each applicant will be certi몭 ed after 몭 nishing the Selenium training and we will give comprehensive theoretical and practical instruction. This boosts the value of your resume and makes it easier for you to land high-paying employment with reputable IT 몭 rms. Candidates will only obtain an A2N course completion certi몭 cate after completing projects and activities and having their evaluations validated by industry experts who educated them in order to improve their level. When the course is 몭 nished the e-certi몭 cate includes a unique identi몭 cation that may be downloaded from the website and shared on professional websites to promote your technical abilities. Get More Detail About Course

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Be future ready. Start Learning Structure your learning and get a certi몭 cate to prove it Enter your phone number Enter your contact number 9 1 Email Enter your email address Enroll Now 01 Contact Get in contact with one of our career counselors to learn more about our Selenium testing courses. Our specialist counselors can provide you with full information on the Selenium training’s scope advantages professional advice placement support services and many other aspects. 02

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02 Demo Talk to our specialists and arrange a free demo class now before enrolling in the Selenium course 03 Batch Assign Our candidates can choose from a variety of schedules at A2N. Choose the times and batches that are most convenient for you and begin your Selenium instruction now. 04 Portal Access Log in to the candidate site with the credentials supplied and gain access to all comprehensive information about your Selenium testing training and batch. 05 Test Series Improve your technical and professional abilities by taking a series of simulated examinations and mock interviews. 06 Live Projects This online Selenium course will provide you with practical experience by allowing you to work on real-world projects. 07 Internship After completing your online Selenium course you will have the chance to expand your practical

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After completing your online Selenium course you will have the chance to expand your practical knowledge and get real-world experience by interning for a minimum of two months with reputable IT businesses. 08 Get Job Opportunities After completing the Selenium testing training get free help and support from our professional placement specialists to get a job in a reputable business anywhere in the world. 09 You are Placed We give our candidates the 몭 nest chances in the business and assist them in 몭 nding the best 몭 t for their technical abilities. Contact For Free Demo Trending Courses Website designing course React JS Course Digital Marketing Course Cyber Security Course Ethical Hacking Course Python Certi몭 cation Course Angular Js Course Company About Us Contact Us Careers Blogs Job Posting Hire a Web Designer Hire a React Developer Useful Links

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