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Sport Supply Group, Inc. : 

Sport Supply Group, Inc.

Company Overview: 

Company Overview 30 years in the institutional sporting goods industry Parent Company of BSN Sports and US Games $90 million in annual revenue Complete range of products: (Athletic, PE, Youth, Consumer, Camp) Largest manufacturer and distributor of sports and recreation products to the institutional market. National and international distribution capability. Industry leader with technology

Product Overview: 

Product Overview We offer over 8,000 products from... … and many other product categories ! Sports ... to Physical Education ... to Fitness ...

Some of Our Brands: 

Some of Our Brands

eCommerce Sites: 

eCommerce Sites Sport Supply Group Corporate Site www.sportsupplygroup.com

How eProcurement Benefits You...: 

How eProcurement Benefits You...

Typical Purchasing Process: 

Typical Purchasing Process User researching product Vendor School Warehouse User with product request User with approval Decision Maker Purchasing Agent Sales Rep End User

Our eProcurement Process: 

Our eProcurement Process If your organization is looking for ways to reduce costs while increasing ordering efficiency and user flexibility, our e-Procurement solution is the tool you need. Organizations can cut their administration costs by reducing their distribution and warehouse needs by utilizing our electronic ordering and direct fulfillment solution. This adds convenience and value for your users and requires no investment or maintenance on your part. It also provides the necessary controls and approval system that organizations like yours require. Our e-Procurement solution was developed with the latest technology to ensure that your organization receives the very best, most secure electronic ordering system available today.

Benefits of eProcurement: 

Benefits of eProcurement Instant online access to thousands of physical education and athletic products An online preferred pricing program A customized user management system with a built-in approval system that ensures only approved orders are processed and allows you to control who has access A quick order entry method that allows users to place orders within seconds A notification system that alerts your ultimate decision-maker that an order is waiting for their approval Instant Account Access to view your organization’s purchases An online UPS order tracking system Real-time inventory availability information Customizable 'Frequently Purchased Lists' to allow for easy buying of commonly purchased items A Future Order Delivery option to help schools cycle across yearly budgets A customizable 'Sports Store' that maintains your organization’s logo and banner to enhance user comfort A dedicated 800 number for quick answers to your technical support questions Take a look below at the unique benefits and features the SSG e-Procurement Solution offers.

eProcurement Sample Screens: 

eProcurement Sample Screens

“Gateway” Page: 

'Gateway' Page We create a 'Gateway Page' for all your users to go to and select which catalog and type of products they are looking for: Athletic = BSN Sports PE = US Games We include a drop down window that provides a quick start training guide on how to use the system.

Entering - Your Sports Store: 

Entering - Your Sports Store After selecting your product or catalog category from the Gateway Page the user automatically jumps to this log in page where they enter their e-mail address and password that we set up in advance.

Main Screen: 

Main Screen Once the user logs in and hits the sign in button, they come to the Main Web page. On this page you will find the following features: a) Cart Purchase amount, quick links to your account status, order tracking, help and back to home. b) A PDF file of our current catalog in case you don’t have yours handy. c) 'Quick Jump' Buttons to the Major Sports Shops d) A full list of Product Categories. e) Product Specials

Quick Order Entry Method: 

Quick Order Entry Method The Quick Order Entry method is the easiest and quickest way to order product. It is used when the user knows the specific product code that they want to order. From the Main Screen click on 'Quick Order Form' located in the upper right hand corner. This will take the user to this screen where they simply type in the product code from their catalog along with the quantity desired. If the user has more than one item they select 'add to cart' and keep entering product codes until their list has all been entered. Once their order is complete the user clicks on 'Proceed to Checkout.'

Checking Out – Step #1: 

Checking Out – Step #1 At this point the user reviews their cart for the proper items, quantity and clicks on the 'Proceed to Step' 2 button on the bottom of the page.

Checking Out - Step #2: 

Checking Out - Step #2 At Step #2 of checkout the user should verify and if necessary change the ship to address. Also, this is where you can specify special delivery instructions such as inside delivery or do not deliver before a specific date. Once you have verified your order, selected the proper ship to address and any special delivery instructions, the user should click on the 'Proceed to Step' 3 button.

Checking Out - Step #3 : 

Checking Out - Step #3 Step #3 of checkout allows the coach, AD or PE coordinator to submit the order for authorization. This can be the school bookkeeper, secretary or purchasing manager. You tell us and we set it up behind the scenes based on your direction. Simply click the Submit For Authorization button and the system automatically generates an email that is sent to that user’s designated authorization contact as you have specified for final approval.

Checking Out - A/B Authorization: 

Checking Out - A/B Authorization The authorization contact simply opens the email, clicks the authorization link provided, logs-in as normal and is taken to the e-Procurement approval page where he/she may approve or reject requested items.

Checking Out - A/B Authorization: 

Checking Out - A/B Authorization Once the authorization contact selects items to approve, the 1-2-3 checkout process is the same. Except at Step 3, the authorization contact has the ability to insert a purchase order number and then submits the order. That’s it!

What Happens after Authorization?: 

What Happens after Authorization? 1) Your electronic order is instantly received by our SAP/IT system after you hit submit my order. 2) If your order is for stock items, the order moves immediately over to our Warehouse where labels are dropped every 2 hours. 3) The order is picked and packed and shipped in most cases the same day.

Additional Features: 

Additional Features From the Main Page of our Web Sites you can: Track your UPS Orders. Review your Account Status.

Order Tracking: 

Order Tracking To track an order the user simply logs on normally and at the top of any page clicks on the Order Tracking selection. Once here the user can see the detail of their orders, when their product shipped, when it was delivered and the tracking number. To view the order tracking detail information, the user clicks on the blue tracking number next to the order in question.

Instant UPS Tracking: 

Instant UPS Tracking By clicking on the blue tracking number, the user jumps automatically to a UPS Page which shows their detail tracking information including who signed for the delivery.

Account Status: 

Account Status Each user can view their account status on-line by simply selecting the account status quick link button on the top of any page. Once at this page the user can select to display all items, open items, cleared items or master data and see a summary of their account.

Customer Service: 

Customer Service At any time the user can scroll to the bottom of any page and select from our Help Desk, Request a Catalog, search our FAQ’s, Contact Us via e-mail or give us a call on our toll free 800 number, where our customer service team will be happy to assist the user. We appreciate your business and hope you will give our on-line ordering system a try!

How do I get set up?: 

How do I get set up? Setup is easy as 1-2-3 1 Give us a call and let us know you would like to get set up with our e-procurement, on-line ordering solution Our representative will review with you your requirements and set up all of your schools in advance. 2 3 Within 5-7 business days your entire school district will be up and running with your free, on-line ordering Sports and PE Store.