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Zebyl the text messaging and conversational platform with the power to transform the bottom line of virtually any business, including yours! Read more here:


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Zebyl Text Messaging and Conversational Platform for Business The text messaging and conversational platform with the power to transform the bottom line of virtually any business including yours WIN MORE CUSTOMERS WIN MORE SALES—WIN WITH MESSAGING

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Why Use Texting for Your Business Nine out of 10 consumers prefer to be contacted by text and to text a business for what they need over calling. They also prefer for businesses to contact them via text. People want to text companies to make appointments buy products request support and leave reviews…it’s all text Over 90 of text messages are seen read and reacted to within minutes of people receiving them. This is why text messaging is the best way for any business to reach customers in real time. Text messaging gets business done faster which leads to more sales of products and services. With Zebyl its super easy to optimize landline phone numbers for texting without having to change the carrier who services the number. The texting channel of your landline phone number can be activated within minutes in just 3 easy steps: Once activated using the Zebyl web portal businesses can send individual or group text messages via their landline phone numbers from a computer tablet or smartphone.

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How Do I Send and Receive Texts on a Business Landline Our Zebyl engagement center is an easy-to-use web application accessible from anywhere using any internet-connected device. Incoming messages from various channels including business landlines Facebook Messenger and more are displayed in a message board. Staff can easily respond to messages from the web portal or initiate new messages to any cell phone number. Messages with web links photos and videos are supported and Zebyl can keep track of web links to display click rates. Incoming texts can be forwarded to cell phones. Using the text-to-email function Zebyl users receive incoming texts via email as well. This is helpful for receiving messages on the go when the user is not logged in to the engagement center. Users can also send new texts or respond to incoming texts from email clients. Hi John please note that we are now at a new location . . . Hi John please note that we are now at a new location . . . Hi John please note that we are now at a new location . . .

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Messaging Automation Using Chatbots and Conversational Platforms Have you ever felt overwhelmed by a wave of messages How are you supposed to keep up We know what you mean. Many businesses shy away from supporting popular messaging channels for precisely this reason. However its important to note that supporting more contact channels boosts sales due to increased oppor tunities from new prospects who would not have been discovered otherwise. The math is fairly simple: Supporting more contact channels leads to more prospects and opportunities to sell products and services. To help manage inquiries from various contact channels Zebyl offers Virtual Customer Assistants and Chatbots. Chatbots and Virtual Customer Assistants can handle multiple channels of customer contact such as websites mobile apps social networks messaging applications phone trees text messages and more to provide a consistent level of customer service. These systems can be trained to intercept message inquiries understand customer needs and take the proper actions to help with marketing sales and customer service- related matters.

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Opt-in List: Why Is a Text Opt-in List So Important With the power of opt-in lists you can send text messages to your customers and prospects to inform them of new ways they can obtain and enjoy your products and services. Remember that nine out of ten people prefer texting a business over calling Simply put a text opt-in list is a huge asset for any business. Say you have cleverly changed your business model to continue providing products and services to your customers and prospects during the COVID-19 lockdown. Let your customers know they can text your business for whatever they need. Promote your texting capabilities via telephone greetings voicemail and on-hold messages website email signature letterhead advertisements and don’t forget word-of-mouth Remember that nine out of ten people prefer texting a business over calling so they will definitely appreciate this addition to your communication system. If you currently advertise on Google and social media edit your ads to include “call OR TEXT your number” to increase your chances of standing out among other advertisements. People are more likely to engage with advertisements that provide a texting option.

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Click-to-Text Buttons Click-to-text buttons have the power to convert a much higher percentage of anonymous website visitors into actionable leads. These irresistible buttons invite prospective consumers to click and receive something of value. When they do they provide something of value to you such as a phone number. This means you’re instantly communicating in a manner they prefer while collecting critical data for your opt-in database for future marketing efforts. As mentioned before the opt-in list lets you effectively reach out to your customers and prospects to communicate important information about events new products and services promotions etc.

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Text Marketing: Send Crafty Personalized Messages to Anyone in Your Opt-in Contact List in Real Time Imagine deploying a text messaging campaign for a new product or service to your entire opt-in list for SMS messaging or a relevant segment of your list and getting a 95 open rate typical when using text messaging. Within minutes you receive responses from prospects. If that isn’t exciting enough imagine having an automated conversational sequence locked and loaded in advance using a trained chatbot. These chatbots can intelligently handle those responses at any hour of the day combined with your own work schedule or hours when you have employees on the clock. Based on the prospect’s behavior your Zebylbot will respond appropriately through a follow-up sequence that is designed to optimize the outcome of each and every customer interaction all without you lifting a finger. 95 open rate Chatbots intelligently handle those responses at any hour of the day

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Examples of Using Texting in Your Business: Reduce No-Shows with Text Reminders To keep your appointment book filled with confirmed appointments use text messaging to remind customers of their appointment details. With over 90 percent of texts seen and reacted to within minutes text reminders get the job done effectively. Boost Your Collections with Text Messaging Before involving a collection agency who will take a bite out of your collected funds consider running your own text collection campaign. In your personalized text messages reach out specifically to customers with past due accounts. Messages can include a payment link for people to tap and pay. Keep Appointments and Confirmations Booked

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Sell Products and Services Like Never Before Consumers are no longer willing to wait for business hours or to get answers to questions while making purchase decisions. They want to do business effortlessly on their own schedule. Seventy percent of consumers would rather buy products and book services using messaging channels such as texting messenger whatsapp etc. By 2022 30 of customer service experiences will be handled by conversational agents. Zebyl engagement center provides tools for businesses to list their items for sale. Customers can text a specific word like “menu” “order” etc. to receive a link they can follow to see items for sale with photos descriptions and video. Customers can order items and pay for them inside a text conversation.

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Dramatically Increase Rave Reviews for Your Business According to a report in Inc. magazine 84 of consumers trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation. It’s fair to say that what customers say online can make or break a business’s reputation. Regarding the latter we’ll assume you have lots of customers who like or even love your business. However only a tiny percentage of satisfied customers take the time to write a review on Google Facebook Yelp or elsewhere. But you can change that in a snap You can use text messaging campaigns to send quick messages to customers and ask them to submit a review just by tapping on a link. Its all about making it easy for your thrilled customers to submit glowing reviews with just a couple of screen taps. Customers who love your business want to give you glowing online reviews. Make it super easy for them to do it

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Integrate Your Telephone Service With Texting Service With Zebyl you can integrate texting into your telephone service and enjoy the following benefits: • Never worry about unanswered voicemails on your staff mailboxes. Voicemails are converted to engaging text conversations with callers to handle their needs in real time. • Reduce your phone traffic and answer common questions by sending automatic text messages from your phone tree to provide detailed information in response to customer inquiries. • Develop a text messaging opt-in contact list by gathering consent from your callers as they call and navigate through your phone tree. • Example: To opt in to receiving text messages from us please press 7 • When callers dial this option in your phone tree they will be automatically added to your opt-in list and receive a welcome text from you in real time. “My voicemail system just texted someone and saved a business opportunity”

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Pricing Zebyl is an affordable and super easy-to-use conversational communications platform for businesses of all sizes. Zebyl helps businesses reach their audiences faster engage with a higher percentage of customers and prospects sell more and boost online ratings. Zebyl messaging packages start at 5 a month. Please see our website for a list of packages and prices: https://zebyl.com/pricing/ Sign up with Zebyl and get the boost your business needs to transform your marketing sales and customer service department into the money-making machine it was intended to be. https://portal.zebyl.com/ signup/

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