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How To Reset iPhone: Best Guide To Factory Reset Your iPhone Or iOS Device


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How To Reset iPhone: Best Guide To Factory Reset Your iPhone Or iOS Device In this tech guide I will explain you in complete detail how to reset iPhone. Resetting an iPhone means you reset your iPhone to factory settings and all your data settings and private information will be deleted from the iPhone. Simply you factory reset your iPhone. There are certain circumstances in which you want to reset your iPhone to factory settings. For example if you want to sale your iPhone then you need to reset your iPhone to factory settings to delete your private data from your iPhone. If you want to fix your frozen or hang iPhone then only solution is to factory reset your iPhone to original settings. There are different methods available from Apple to factory reset your iPhone to delete either your personal data or to fix your frozen iPhone. Most people have either iPhone 4 or iPhone 5 or iPhone 6 models with different Apple iOS versions. This tech guide will apply to all your questions like  How to reset iPhone 4  How to reset iPhone 5  How to reset iPhone 6  How to reset iPhone with iTunes  How to reset iPhone without iTunes  How to reset iPhone with any iOS version Use this guide to reset your iPhone iPad iPod or other iOS devices to factory settings. How To Reset iPhone To Factory Settings Using iPhone Be default Apple provides simple options to reset iPhone to factory settings. If you want to resale your iPhone and want to wipe out all your personal data media files and settings then simply do a factory reset from your iPhone smartphone. Go to reset menu from your iPhone. Select Settings from home screen go to General and select Reset option at the bottom of iPhone. Now different reset options will display at the screen of iPhone. Different reset options available at the next page. Now you will have to select reset option according to your requirement. If you want to resale your iPhone then most appropriate option is to select “Erase All Content and Settings”. A new window will display to confirm either to erase iPhone or cancel. Select erase iPhone to start the restoration procedure to factory settings. Follow this from your iPhone home screen:

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 Settings General Reset Erase All Content and Settings Erase iPhone Reset iPhone to factory settings will take some time. Must assure that your iPhone is fully charged before starting restoration process or your iPhone must be charging at the time of resetting. After resetting iPhone to factory settings restart your iPhone to assure that your iPhone has been successfully restored to factory settings. At startup after resetting iPhone setup will give you different options like setup as new iPhone restore from iCloud backup or restore from iTunes backup. This will indicate your iPhone has successfully restored to factory settings. Understand Different Reset Options At the time of resetting iPhone by going to Settings General Reset. Different reset options will display. You need to understand these resetting options and select according to your criteria. Reset All Settings: By selecting this option from reset menu only iPhone settings will be lost and all your personal data like applications pictures media files will be saved. Only settings will be restored to factory settings and you need to setup your wifi and other 3G/4G connections again. Erase All Content and Settings: This option will delete all settings and personal data of your iPhone and restored smartphone to factory settings. All your content on iPhone will be deleted. This setting is the most favorable to choose before sale it to someone. Reset Network Settings: If you want to reset your network settings this reset option is for you. If there is problem in your network connection like wifi 3G or 4G then use this option to reset your network settings. Reset Keyboard Dictionary: Simply reset your keyboard dictionary by this option. If your keywords suggestion are wrong during typing in iPhone then use this option to refresh your keyboard dictionary. Reset Home Screen Layout: This reset option is used to set your home screen by default. If there is lot of applications on home screen and you want to get a fresh home screen layout just use this option. Reset Location and Privacy: With this reset option you simply reset your iPhone privacy and location settings to factory settings. All other data will be saved by using this option. Now you understand different reset options available from Apple to your iPhone. Choose and act wisely to restore your iPhone to factory settings. How To Reset iPhone To Factory Settings Using iTunes

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iPhone is a software developed by Apple to organize your iPhone or iOS device data on the Mac or windows operating system. For more information on iTune check Wikipedia or Apple Website You can also reset your iPhone or iOS device to factory settings by using iTunes software on your computer. First of all you need to download iTunes latest software from Apple website. Just get it from this link Make sure that you have made backup of your iPhone so that you can restore it at some later stage after resetting your iPhone to factory settings. For backup of iPhone check this link from Apple website us/HT203977. Open iTune from your system. Connect your iPhone to iTunes via USB cable of iPhone. iPhone will appear in iTune software. Select summary from left sidebar of iTune. Click on restore iPhone at the right side of summary view. A popup window will display confirming from you to cancel or restore iPhone. Confirm it by selecting restore and your iPhone will be restored to factory settings. Resetting process will take some time. After successful restoration of iPhone start your smartphone iOS setup assistant will give you options to start as a new iPhone or restore from iTunes or restore from iCloud. If you have made backup already then restore it from backup otherwise go with start as a new iPhone. If you find this article useful please give your comments below to provide feedback and updates. Follow us on Twitter add us to your circle on Google+ or like our Facebook page to get updates from iPhoneOnlineGuide. More Related Articles: 1. How To Take a Screenshot On iPhone 2. How To Check Data Usage on iPhone 3. Apple iPhone Warranty: How To Check Apple Warranty Status For iPhone iPad iPod MackBook and Other Apple Devices 4. How To Backup iPhone: Latest Guide To Backup iPhone Data 5. iPhone Screen Rotation: How To Fix iPhone Screen Rotation Problem