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Goodbye from YuanWomen's Campaign Officer

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We've achieved a lot together.

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Here are some of the things we've said and done over the past year...

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YES to positive accounts of female sexuality Zoe Margolis, author of Girl With a One-Track Mind, speaks to over 60 students on sexuality and sexual education Hilary 2010

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Thirst Lodge Campaign Hilary 2010 YES to streets and workplaces free from harassment

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YES to better education concerning gender and sexuality Feminist Book Group, Trinity 2010

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YES to raising our questions to our democratic leaders Question Time for Students, Trinity 2010

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YES to positive body image messages (for a change...) Love Your Body Annual Garden Party, Trinity 2010 Over 200 people attending

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YES to all people, all genders, all sexualities Oxford Gay Pride, Trinity 2010

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Fri 3rd Week – Fri 6th Week all over Oxford take part in envisioning equality oxfordgef.yolasite.com facebook & twitter: @oxfordGEF YES to a celebration of the gender equality movement, engaging a diverse range of people in talks, workshops, socials, and more...

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YES to people of all genders in the gender equality movement Founding the Gender Progress Campaign (aka the New Pie Group), Hilary 2010 - present

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And although, in the next two terms, I'll be doing less of this... WomCam at Port Meadow, Trinity 2010

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And more of this...

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I am really looking forward to working as your Vice-President (Women) in 2011/12.

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Get involved in gender equality at Oxford.

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Are you interested in exploring gender and social progress? Women's Campaign Discussion GroupMon 5.45pm OUSU a space for self-defining women and those who are gender-questioning Gender Progress Campaign Discussion Group Fri 5.30pm Balliol an open discussion for all

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