6 Reasons Why Home Care is Helpful

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The various benefits of home care for the senior citizens. From friendship and ensuring that there is somebody around to look after your elderly loved ones.


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6 Reasons Why Home Care is Helpful For the Elderly After working for decades in order to support their family there comes a time when the most independent of all people start to lose control. It is that descending age where people start to feel that they have drained all their energy in life taking care of everyone and that now they need support. They look upto their children or the younger generation in a family for assistance and care. There are many elderly care articles written that point how to care for the elderly members in your family but the fact is that with this fast paced world giving the elders in your family full- time attention is not easy. But then how do you provide proper balanced care to the elderly in your house. Well there are agencies who work to provide the elderly care. There are trained home carers who assist the elderly members in your family in their daily chores with utmost care and spend time with them throughout the day. Appointing this type of caregiver is very comforting for you as well as the elderly member. The elderly members also benefit from a home carer. There are many ways that an elderly enjoy being cared at home than either living alone or going to an elderly care home.

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1. Comfort level: Living at one’s own home is always very comfortable. The person lives in the same ambiance as he has always lived. This makes him feel independent and not burdensome. If the elderly person is suffering some sort of sickness the person with the comfort level at home shows speedy recovery. 2. Same routine: The carer appointed from agencies is mostly well trained and knows how to handle the elderly person. The elderly don’t really change his regular routine. The same routine can be followed but with someone always there for help. The elderly person doesn’t need to add or reduce or change the way he or she has always been doing things. The person can very easily follow the same routine and be comfortable in his or her skin. 3. High reliability on one person: If there was no carer appointed. Looking after the elderly person becomes the task of the whole family. The responsibilities often juggle between one person to the other. This juggling might result in miss coordination to which the elderly person may fall victim. But with a carer all the responsibilities of the elderly person are vested in only one person. He or she is solely responsible to look after the old member in the family. Thus the elderly person always has someone to rely on and can be completely assured that all his or her needs are well catered to. 4. Quick recovery: If the elderly person has fallen sick or has some disease hiring a home care is the best option. The elderly person can get treatment from the home carer while at his or her own home. There is no travelling involved to the hospital or to the physiotherapist or to the chemist shop. The caregiver takes care of everything. 5. Keeps the family together: After a certain age a person becomes vulnerable and seeks attention and care form his or her close family. A carer becomes a part of the family and doesn’t make the elderly person feel that the family doesn’t have time to spend with him or her. The contentment of living with the family prevails in the mind of the elderly and never makes him or her fell less wanted or vulnerable. 6. Controlled expenses: The alternatives to home carer are a nursing home or a hospital care or an old age home. All the other alternatives are more expensive than a home caregiver. A home caregiver charges less making it affordable and a viable option for elderly people from all the stratus of the society. It is definite that being cared for at home is most comfortable when in old age. There are many ways you can recruit a home caregiver. There are agencies who will assist you or you can interview someone you already know. In each way you need to be careful while appointing the caregiver. Make sure that the elderly person and caregiver has some common grounds on which they can bond. Because it is very important. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Source: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/6-reasons-why-home-care-helpful-elderly-eric-foley --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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