Why should Women's Day be celebrated every day

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Women's day should not be celebrated just a single day. It must be celebrated each and every day. Get to know that Why should Women's Day be celebrated every day


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Why should Women's Day be Celebrated every day?


Every year on March 8, world celebrate International Women's Day. On this day, the celebrations take different forms and highlight the women in the media and their importance in society. I am going to tell you why should Women’s Day be celebrated every day?


To tell the rights of women In the rural area even women don’t know that what is their rights according to the constitution of country. So we should celebrate everyday like Women’s day so that we can help them to know the rights of women.


To show the equality in society The differences between women and men are still a major problem. On this day women and men have to act together to resolve this issue. For resolving the differences we should celebrate it every day.


For Supporting them If we really want to see the change in country then we should support them in every field, from education to business. And this is only possible if we celebrate everyday as women’s day.


To understand the value of women in society Some of the people (especially men) do not understand the value of women. So, with the celebration of women’s day we can show them the importance of women in society and what they can do for their family and country too.


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